The Steam Controller Just Got A Great New Feature

The Steam Controller Just Got A Great New Feature

If you're a fan of action-RPGs, strategy games, or MOBAs, the Steam controller just became a much more viable option.

Currently an opt-in beta feature, the Steam controller's new Mouse Region functionality works like this:

"This lets a touchpad be mapped to a configurable, fixed region of the game window, such that touching the pad in a given zone will always position the mouse cursor to the same matching spot in that region. This can be used to improve accuracy and responsiveness in top-down action games and strategy games. Mouse Region modes can warp the cursor to and from their region when they are activated through mode-shifts, which can be useful for holding a button to activate a smaller Mouse Region above the minimap in a strategy game. The regions are also reshapable, allowing a configuration to temporarily activate a horizontal, flat Mouse Region on top of a skillbar in a roleplaying game."

So basically, it turns a haptic pad into a 1:1 map of the game screen (or a portion of it, which you can customise the size and location of). Within that space, you can tap a region to instantly move your cursor there, or you can just swipe it around as you would with normal mouse controls.

In short, it's awesome — just what the witch doctor ordered for games with top-down cameras and skill bars. Watch me take it for a spin in Diablo-esque action-RPG Torchlight II:

I barely even scratched the surface in that video. I can't wait to see what people come up with. I might have initially been sceptical of the Steam controller, but kudos to Valve and the community for pushing it in some promising directions.


    When is this coming to Australia already? I've been itching to pre-order one for ages.

    Are these out in the wild yet?

      They can be purchased if you are in the US.
      Estimated delivery if you buy now is December 9-18
      Steam link also available with est delivery of 6 days

    Amazon ships these to Australia. Got mine last week with a steam link.

      Have you tried it out on as FPS yet? Keen to see how the trackpad replicates a mouse and/or analogue stick in fast action games

      How much was it? The controller alone is $100 for me including shipping, which is ridiculous even by Australian standards.

        $160 all up for both steam link and controller.

    im not gonna bother with the controller. steam link sort of interests me, but ive got a home server connected to my tv and can steam stream to that and then us xbox 360 controllers.

    Amazon USA has stock of the steam link and steam controller, and they ship international

    Downside is the USA - AUS exchange rate sucks hard for us at the moment.

    The should add the feature where the handgrips arent on backwards

    Tried the Steam Controller at PAX, not commenting on functionality and useability as it really is something you need to get used to in more than a 10 minute session, but the build quality is cheap rubbish and put me off buying one...

      Yeah I didn't like it. I know it's only a prototype but the thumb pads were hard not the pleasant looking rubbery ones in the promo art and the handgrips were on backwards.

      I mean it worked though so o guess it has that going for it.

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