The Steam Sales Are Pretty Good Today

The Steam Sales Are Pretty Good Today

Morning everyone. Who has money to spend?

Okay, no-one. But today’s Steam sales are really good anyway. You should check them out.

It’s a nice mix of AAA and indie. A couple of my favourite games of 2015 are here.

— Like Her Story, which is 40% off at $3.59. Seriously, you should play this game.
— Titan Souls is 75% off at $3.74. This game is brutally difficult. But it’s good.

And there’s also a couple of good sneaky bargains like…

— Dishonored with 75% off at $44.99
— Left 4 Dead 2 with 80% off at $3.99
— Outlast is 75% at $4.99

There are also a lot of other decent deals on other games like Garry’s Mod, Tales From The Borderlands and Skyrim.

Have at it.


  • And there’s also a couple of good sneaky bargains like…

    — Dishonored with 75% off at $44.99

    typo @markserrels?

  • Is there really any point to posting the deals that have been highlighted today? As posted on here, the new steam deal layout keeps the discounted price for all games for the duration of the sale. Already looked at everything I’m interested in and bought what I want.

    It made sense with daily deals, but pointing out sales that have been up a few days already is just a bit weird.

    • I think some game publishers might be doing manual daily deals. I had a couple in my cart that dropped in price overnight.

    • I’m happy for them to be posted, kind of like a curated list of what might be interesting.
      I never go look at the sales unless I see something on these forums that piques my interest.

      • It’s literally the front store page that they’re posting, that’s all steam is updating in this sale, the prices are the same for the duration of it.

        If you just add games to your wishlist throughout the year that you may be interested in, do a quick check at the start of this sale and that’s the final price. No point looking again after that.

  • This sale makes me sad.
    There’s no event, no theme, nothing… This one is just boring.
    It’s not even cheap because of Australia Tax and really shit exchange rate.

    • Yep, it is the worst Steam sale in a long time.

      50% off? That usually just means that the Australia tax has been removed.. it’s now listed at the price it would be listed at for the USA. Still gotta pay the currency difference.

      For most of the games, unless it’s 75% or more discount, it’s not actually a “sale”. =(

      Throw in the dodgy publishers and developers who bumped the RRP up before the sale started… bah!!!

    • back in my day when steam had a sale you could win your top 10 wishlist games, and you could even win the entire steam library.

      Oh and i had to walk 15 miles barefoot uphill both ways to school and back

    • Meh, the last few steam sales have been pretty bad. Generally only one or two games that I find are worth buying. No cash to get anything from this sale though, even if I wanted to. Lead up to Christmas is a bad time to try get me to spend cash on myself.

      That said I bought Age of Empires 2 HD for myself and the wife to play but it was around $5 each.

    • This is just a short sale to coincide with the Thanksgiving weekend in the US (they’re billing it as the ‘Autumn sale’). In the past it’s been the northern winter (ie. Christmas/New Year) and northern summer (mid-year) sales that have been the big themed sales.

      • Pretty sure the best ever sale (Treasure hunt) was a sale around now.
        I do hope they do something better this year, unfortunately the exchange rate and markup for aussies means that it’s not worth buying currently. What’s worse is it’s not going to get any better any time soon too 🙁

  • Now I completely understand. I have not bought a thing from Steam sales in about 4 years now. Mostly because they are crap. Virtually every other place is cheaper all the time!
    And yet people rave on about “oh my god the steam sale is on, I wont have any money left” But now I understand – Brainwashing.
    And heres the proof:

    And there’s also a couple of good sneaky bargains like…

    — Dishonored with 75% off at $44.99

    • The author making a typo and providing the original price (instead of the discounted price of $11.24) is brainwashing? Ok

      • No, not okay.
        I just woke up after buying 10 copies of Dishonored for $449.90, my underwear is on backwards and I feel like a holiday to Syria.

  • Check out the SPORE sale lol

    “Spore at 75% off for 4.99…. Creepy and Cute Pack for 75% off at 4.99

    Bundled together for a total of 75% off at 14.99!”


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