The Terra Formars Movie Sure Looks Goofy 

The Terra Formars Movie Sure Looks Goofy

Here's a first peek at the live-action version of the popular manga Terra Formars. It seems silly.

The movie has an assorted cast of talented Japanese actors, such Takayuki Yamada, Rinko Kikuchi, Kane Kosugi, and Rila Fukushima. Takashi Miike, who's made a lot of great movies as well as a bunch of crap, is directing.

I dunno. Seems like they're playing this for laughs, instead of blood and gore. It might be good. It might suck.

Previously, Kotaku's Toshi Nakamura said a live-action Terra Formars movie was a terrible idea. He could very well have been right. We'll have to wait and see until 2016 when the movie hits theatres.


    All this live action nonsense lately. Stop the MADNESS!!!!

    Anyone else find Terraformars to be an incredibly shitty anime? I looked up some of the manga to see if it was just a bad adaptation but even the source material seems like garbage.

      It definitely isn't great. The amount of pointless deaths and characters being given a few episodes of back story only to eliminate them later. Feels like they are going for a Attack on Titan cross with Fist of the North Star feel. A lot of people like it for the brutal fights and gore. I too find it meh and sort of pointless.

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