The Dragon Quest 3DS Games Are Coming To The West

The Dragon Quest 3DS Games Are Coming To America

Briefly: Well now here's some fan-fucking-tastic news for JRPG fans: the 3DS remakes of both Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII are actually coming to the West next year. Previously released in Japan, the two games have been lingering in the East for quite some time now, and most Western fans had lost hope of ever seeing them here. But it's happening.


    That's an odd way to spell fantastic.

      Is there more swearing than usual around here, or am I just noticing it more so today?

        There is, I don't really get it.

's just unnecessary

            Cry me a fucken river, we live in Australia for fucks sake. Swearing is integral part of our national character, and I personally love that we aren't all such uptight sooks that we can't use words that exist.

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    Bought Dragon Quest VIII back in 2008, it's still in the original packaging.

    Good times.

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    I would rather they just re-release these games on PSN for PS3 & PS4. I have very strong memories of DQ8 back in PS2 days and would love another run of it, but not on 3DS. A lot of the appeal was the huge vistas/draw distance and size of the world that I feel would be too compromised on 3DS ala Xenoblade Chronicles.

    Ideally just HD/Remaster them and that would be great.

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