There’s A Problem With Some Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Pre-Orders In Australia

Pip-Boy Editions of Fallout 4 were exclusive to EB Games, but a shipping issue could result in some pre-orders being delivered on November 13 — three days after the launch of the game here in Australia.

The issue seems to be with those that ordered the Pip-Boy Edition online.

Today some customers noticed that their Fallout 4 pre-orders had not yet shipped, a day before release. Upon enquiring many discovered their copies of the game wouldn’t be arriving until November 13.

We asked EB Games about the situation. We were told that online customers should expect to receive their Pip-Boys tomorrow, but this is “subject to Australia Post shipping”.

EB Games is claiming there is no delay on its end.

“We can confirm there is categorically no delay with the shipment of the game,” EB Games said, in a statement sent to Kotaku. “Australia Post is Australia’s leading postal service and we ship according to their expected shipping timelines, as we do with all game releases. EB Games does endeavour for deliveries to arrive to our customers on the day of release.”

But in an email, EB Games invited one customer to take advantage of their seven-day money-back guarantee if the game didn’t arrive on time.

We do our best to ship out orders, timing them with Australia Post calculations, for delivery on release day. However, we can at times experience delays in the shipping process which, unfortunately, results in slight delivery delays. We’re incredibly sorry for this, we know how keen everyone is to get their hands on Fallout 4.

If you’re wanting to play ASAP, you’re welcome to pop into store and purchase a standard edition of the game to play while you wait for your order to arrive. You can then return it to the store within seven days of purchase (so keep proof of purchase) for a full refund, and continue playing using your own preordered copy.

And in addition, one customer received the following Direct Message on Twitter after enquiring about their Pip-Boy pre-order. A message that confirmed that some shipments would be delayed.

Some customers were upset that EB Games didn’t contact them about the delay. Many only discovered the issue after noticing their order had not yet shipped, a day before the game’s release. One person we spoke to purchased three Pip-Boys for members of their family. $577 spent in total. Until today, all signs pointed to the Pip-Boys arriving on November 10.

Quite often delays like these are a direct result of regulations designed to stop customers getting the game early. Australia Post could be overly quick at getting the Pip-Boy from point A to point B. The end result: you have some customers getting a copy of the game before release. To avoid this, there is often a rule put in place that the game cannot be shipped until after a certain date. This could be the issue with the delay.

On Twitter, EB Games seems to be responding to a number of people with this issue.

It looks like there are similar issues in the UK

But regardless — the point of pre-ordering a video game is to receive the game on the day of release, not three days afterwards. Pip-Boys are expensive. Those pre-ordering the Pip-Boy Edition are core Fallout 4 fans, the type who want to be playing Fallout 4 on day one. And for some, that simply won’t be possible unless they purchase a second copy of the game.

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