This Call Of Duty Parody Nails It

So I watched this parody. It takes the piss out of Call of Duty trailers. At the time I was like, yeah. This is a fairly interesting, kinda funny parody. Then I watched the latest Call of Duty trailer. And now I'm convinced it's a work of genius.

First I want you to watch the above parody. Pretty funny right? A bit weird at the end with the whole 'fake geek girl' thing. I don't like that, but it makes sense in context. You could also argue it's working on that meta level.

Okay now watch the actual Call of Duty: Black Ops III trailer.

Oh man.


    HAHA yep, that was pretty dam funny.
    Although i'm now bloody confused about what "BAE" means, its used in the first vid as 'my KDR is BAE' but i was under the impression it meant 'before anyone else'
    am i just getting old? lol

    Last edited 17/11/15 7:48 pm

      Pretty sure she said Bane.

      Her KDR must be a pretty big guy.

    Do songs by the Rolling Stones really sell this game to anyone under 50?

    Wow, what a real gutbuster. Zany voiceover states exactly what is happening combined with some low rent Terrance and Phillip celebrity flappy heads. No need to wonder which idiots the **** Movie franchise is targeting.

    A bunch of 15yr olds saw that and now can't think of anything else but more CoD

    sad world when that accurately describes most AAA games these days...

    Am I the only one that thought the actual trailer was great...

    ... guys?

    may have not even noticed that was cara delevingne at the end there, even after multiple views, am i officially old now? i feel like the trailer would be at least 48% better if they had of lead with a female as their tough opponent to begin with.

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