This Dragon's Crown Statue Is Freaking Me Out

This Dragon's Crown Statue Is Freaking Me Out

I know the character designers in Dragon's Crown are exaggerated, but holy shit.

RocketNews24 (as noted on Twitter by Polygon's Mike McWhertor) noticed a new 1:6-scale Dragon's Crown figure that Beat Hobby will sell next March for 17,064 yen (roughly $196).

The proportions on the original artwork were pretty ridiculous, of course, though in-line with artist and Dragon's Crown designer George Kamitani's style.

This Dragon's Crown Statue Is Freaking Me Out

You can see what the figure designers were going for, but, um.




This Dragon's Crown Statue Is Freaking Me Out

(Is that what a knee is supposed to look like?)

Thing is, I'm not even convinced it's possible for this statue to stay upright. Do we have the technology? I know we have supercomputers in our pockets, but it's not clear to me we can stop this statue from tipping over.

This Dragon's Crown Statue Is Freaking Me Out

How is that head attached to the body? Also, the neck is freaking me out.

While I respect Kamitani as an artist, his work on Dragon's Crown's did nothing for me — it was way too much and grossed me out. But even if you dug it, this seems like a terrible adaptation and oh god oh god knees don't work that way.


    That is hideous. WTF is up with those hip bones?

      Just a ridiculous over emphasis on the anterior superior iliac spine and anterior inferior iliac spine, same with the stupid over developed muscles in the the thigh (im not going to list them, cant be bothered), to go along with what looks like swollen lateral and medial patellar retinaculum in the knee (probably from carrying all that weight).

      So in another words, while it could be argued that the anatomy shown in this statue actually exists, it still looks stupid and not really medically possible.

        They forgot the patella, and the tibial plateau doesn't even look like that. Even exaggerated, the femoral condyles are far too displaced anteriorly for the posterior cruciate ligament to be intact.

    Why don't people just admit this artist has no sense of anatomy?

      see my above comment, the anatomy exists, but not to this extreme.

        EDIT: I did a little more research and have changed my mind on this one.

        The biggest problem here is that the photography makes the model look far more distorted than it actually is. Shot in proper conditions, it's actually not so bad - I mean it's ugly as all hell, but I take back any aspersion on the sculptors skill or anatomical knowledge. For what it's worth, I do like the dynamic pose they've got going.

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      I don't see anything wrong with this artists style, it's just cartoonishly exaggerated. This statues flawed anatomy is definitely not a result of replicating the original style. It just went way beyond.

        ah yes that is how a spine works

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          That probably is how it would work, should it be possible to bend like that.

          Going to criticise Looney Tunes anatomy?



              You did this in the very beginning.

              Not to mention claiming that because a spines limits is known is a reason to either a) constrain fictional bodies to those limits or b) infer that the original artist doesn't have that understanding in the first place, is totally fallacious in itself.

              I never argued that you were wrong in your own understanding, just that you were wrong in the assumption that everyone else interpreted it in the same way.

    Lawl this is so insane that it also creates an impossible image of masculinity... holy molly those are some abs.

    That is the stuff of nightmares

    I have no idea what the source material is, or why its so freaky but I'd definitely sit it on a book shelf, its kind of cool looking in a weird way. I do decorate my house weird though, like replica old french officer pistols next to pop vinyls.
    Quick update, my girlfriend has informed me it is too creepy, and I just looked at the price so I'll go without lol.

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    This is actually cool in a hilariously grotesque sort of way. You could almost read it as a parody of the actual Dragon's Crown art, or even a critique of the hyper idealised way bodies are portrayed in media.

    Being married to that. Just think of the roid rage at certain times of the month...

    Sometimes, I just don't understand anime and the people behind it...

    "If you keep pumpin' that iron, you're body's gonna quit on you"

    - Regular Show, 2015

    She has, Abs on everything.
    Definitely hit leg day.

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