This Keyboard Is Just For Flight Sim Nerds

Microsoft's Flight Simulator X was an awesome game nine years ago, but it has enjoyed continued success from a dedicated fanbase — the kind of people with multi-monitor, multi-TV rigs with dedicated rooms. Now FSX has its very own specialised, backlit, custom-made keyboard.

The keyboard in question is made by a Manchester, UK company that's only slightly older than the game itself. Editors Keys came about in 2005, and makes a wide range of silicone keyboard covers and dedicated editing keyboards for professional applications like Final Cut, Pro Tools and Adobe's various and myriad software options.

With over 100 keys each having their own dedicated function within Microsoft's Flight Simulator X, the just-launched Editors Keys FSX Keyboard is perfect for the kind of dedicated avionics geek that knows all about flaps and ailerons and take-off procedures, while the rest of us are stuck on the ground randomly stabbing at buttons in the virtual cockpit. You can buy it in Australia, too, with AusPCMarket securing a limited stock at $198 a pop.

Flight Sim X hasn't actually been sold as a boxed retail edition for some times, unsurprisingly — it was actually the launch title in a gaming showcase of the power of Windows Vista (eurgh). Thank god, then, that it's available on Steam, and that the developer Dovetail Games is working on DLC as well as future expansions. [Editors Keys / AusPCMarket]

Wouldn't it be cool if someone put out something like this for Star Citizen?

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