This Might Be The New Hardest Mario Maker Level

I can't even begin to imagine how a human being could actually finish this level.

But it sure is fun to watch. And it's a stark reminder that I should probably play more Mario Maker. It's also a reminder that I need to play nice, gentle easy Mario Maker levels and make the most of my short time on this planet.

Jesus wept, what is this monstrosity?


    It's basically bullshit. Anyone playing that level for the first time without seeing a playthrough would not be able to do it. I'd go so far as to say you'd need many many hours to figure out how to play through it without help. It's basically not meant to be played.

      I disagree with your conclusion. These levels are for people who care about pure execution, not clever play, puzzles, or figuring out.

    I dunno, I reckon Patrick could get through it eventually. But yeah... That shits a whole other level.

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