This NASA Arcade Cabinet Is The Retro Gaming Machine Of Your Dreams

The idea of owning a custom arcade cabinet sounds utterly amazing, but building one is no mere weekend project. Instead, we'll just have to live vicariously though the likes of Paradox Arcade Systems, which recently put together this spectacular cabinet it's dubbed the "NASA Arcade".

While you won't be piloting any real spaceships with it, you will be able to play all manner of emulated games. Constructed of maple furniture plywood, black enamel and full colour vinyl graphics, there is no mistaking the purpose of this retro gaming contraption.

It even has logos on the control panel showing which system is being emulated.

What's better than photos? A video showing the panel in action:

More images and an abridged build log can be found on Imgur.

[Imgur, via Nerd Approved]

Photos / video: Paradox Arcade Systems


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