This Video Shows You How To Really Infuriate Enemies In CS:GO

Given how technical Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is, it helps if you have a swag of spots and tricks to rely upon to win those crucial rounds.

And then there are things like these that will really tick people off.

If you haven't gotten accustomed to instructional videos for CS:GO, that's something you should rectify immediately. A major component of the game is creating opportunities for yourself, particularly if you're the type of player that likes to solo queue.

Cache is one of the trickier maps in the rotation. It's been a staple of CS:GO for years now, but it's also the kind of map where you can get pinned back incredibly easily. Running out middle as a terrorist can be a nightmare without proper support, and taking the A bombsite can be just as fraught.

And if you're facing against people who have watched the below video, that proposition can become even more nightmarish. Some of the little tricks here are exceptionally dirty, especially the surprise wall spam through to checkers (that's the little room connecting the vent from middle to the B bomb site).

Something everyone should know in matchmaking, however, is the utility of one-way smokes. The fact that Valve hasn't patched those out of the game is almost criminal, and if you're defending or attacking any bomb site, on any map, knowing all of their locations is an absolute must.


    I haven't had an urge to play CS since 2011 and this video thankfully reinforces that. Thanks Kotaku!

      I stopped playing this since Aimbot and Wallhack in 03 or 04, when the game came out.

        Yeah, but every game has had that since mid-2000's. I rolled off CS around 2006, prior to that was probably putting in 20 hours a week.

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