This Week In Games: Call Of Duty, Anno... Adventure Time?


If you're into Call of Duty, then Black Ops III is out this week. If you're into Anno then Anno 2205 is out. And if you're into Adventure Time?

Wait there's another bloody Adventure Time game? They make so many of them!

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations (PS4/3DS)

What is it? It's an Adventure Time games that I didn't know existed until right this second. Should you care? I'm too scared to slag off Adventure Time on here SO I WON'T.

ANNO 22005 (PC)

What is it? The city building sim you know and (probably) love. Only in the future. Should you care? Yeah you probably should.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III (360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? It's this year's Call of Duty game. It's a new one in the Black Ops series, and they're usually pretty good. Should you care? See, I think so. Call of Duty needs a fresh pair of legs, but the Black Ops series usually delivers.

Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? It's Darksiders 2, with better visuals and whatnot. Should you care? Darksiders 2 was a good game and it probably deserves a new lease of life. But I don't know if I can forgive that 'Deathinitive' pun.

Euro Fishing (PC)

What is it? A fishing game with some good production values. Should you care? The trailer is the best, trying to make fishing look cool. Fishing might be fun, but it's never gonna be cool.

Need For Speed (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? It's a new Need for Speed game! Should you care? I honestly don't know enough about this one to judge. Sorry!


What is it? A 2D platformer with some weird mechanics. Should you care? This game looks polished. It also looks like it was inspired by Fez. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Prominence (PC)

What is it? A first-person point and click adventure set in a sci-fi universe. Should you care? This looks nice. I'm fond of "WHAT HAPPENED ON THIS ABANDONED SPACE SHIP mysteries, so I'm keen.

Shovel Knight (PS4/Wii U/3DS)

What is it? Man, Shovel Knight just keeps on coming out on other platforms, huh? Should you care? You go you little Shovel Knight! Spread your message far and wide!

Sonic Lost World

What is it? Another Sonic game you probably want to avoid. Should you care? Probably not. It's a bit average.

The Living Dungeon (PC)

What is it? It's kinda like a tabletop video game thing. Should you care? It looks really good actually. Has received a lot of positive reviews.

The Secret Order 2: Masked Intent (PC)

What is it? I have no idea what this game is or what's going on. I am intrigued. Should you care? It looks nice. Is this like Myst? God I dunno. Check it out.

Did we miss anything? What are you picking up? Let us know in the comments below.


    Also out this week:
    * Dragon Fin Soup (PS3/PS4/Vita)
    * Indivisible Demo (PS4 - May be US only)
    * Phineas and Ferb: Day of Doofensmirtz (Vita)
    * Mushihimesama (PC)
    * Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash (3DS)
    * Sayonara Umihara Kawase (PC)

      Watching Dragon Fin, still undecided. That Indivisible demo I'm super keen for, love me some Valkyrie Profile.

        It's one of the PS+ games of the month, downloadable on PS4/3/Vita

        If Dragon Fin Soup captures the charm of Disgaea then I'm sold. It's a PSPlus title anyway so no harm in giving it a shot.

          Ahh, I love Disgaea story & art but it's been a while since I've enjoyed a tactic game. Last was probably FF Tactics A2 on DS.

          I dunno what it is, but I just don't enjoy them as much these days. Even Fire Emblem became a chore for me :-(

    Anno 22005? Christ how far in the future are they going?!?! @markserrels

      I tried to think what this game would be like.. And then I remembered how much 80's sci Fi movies got wrong in 20 years. So I cannot even imagine 20 thousand years.

      They're chasing in on it being the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future this year, :-P.

    Seems weird that the Adventure time game is only on 3ds and ps4... no pc or x1 adventures then.

      What's even weirder is that Major Nelson had it up on his blog about 2 weeks ago!

      Perhaps the physical version is not out on X1?

        Just checking the x1 store... It's not on the Aussie store.

        Can't find it on steam either.

    Prominence looks interesting.

    I can't believe it's Call of Duty time alrea... oh, it's November. Jesus.

    Man, I am never gonna finish the Witcher 3 at this rate.
    Every time I free up my gaming schedule something else comes up that I want to get in on.

    I've been waiting years for Prominence to release. So excited to be able to play it finally!

    Also hoping the new NFS is a good arcade racer. Looking forward to putting my PS4 to use with it.

    Anno is also on my to-play list. Though I think it's going to have to wait until I just have more time to actually play it.

    I’m too scared to slag off Adventure Time on here SO I WON’T.
    You can slag off the games without slagging off the cartoon... after all, their Gauntlet-style dungeon crawler was pretty damn bad.

    And you wouldn't want to criticize the cartoon, would you Mark? There's simply no need to. It's perfect. Isn't it?
    You should probably agree, though. Because that's always a good thing to do.

    Last edited 02/11/15 1:08 pm

    Wasn't Shovel Knight released on Wii U and 3DS first?

      It had an eShop release already, this would be the retail release now.

        Retail? Oh God no, another reason to rebuy it! My wallet can't take it!

    Everyone forgets the Snoopy game! No idea if it's even any good, but by god it looks gorgeous. Physical release and everything.

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