This Week In Games: Fallout 4, Fallout 4, Fallout 4

It's Fallout 4 week. Brace yourself for hype trams. Brace yourself for hot takes. Brace yourself for absolute chaos. It's happening. It's all happening this week.

Aqua Panic! (PC)

What is it? A cute puzzle game about sea stuff. Should you care? Apparently this is pretty good. Has gotten respectable reviews from some major outlets.

Evil Defenders (PC)

What is it? Looks like some sort of tower defence game. Should you care? Super good production values. The trailer has a really cool song. SOLD.

Fallout 4 (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? lol. Should you care? M8.

Football Manager 2016 (PC)

What is it? It's the best soccer management sim game thing in the world. Should you care? If you're into soccerball in a big way, this is great. I used to love this series.

Kero Blaster

What is it? A retro-styled platformer... wait! Guys! Come back guys! Should you care? This is apparently pretty good. By the creator of Cave Story!

Lovely Weather We're Having (PC)

What is it? Holy shit, just watch the trailer. WHAT IS THIS GAME? Should you care? I'm super curious about this and I really want to play it.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night (PS Vita)

What is it? Looks like this is that dancing rhythm game that I don't understand. Should you care? Well, Persona has a super loyal fanbase

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One/360)

What is it? The new Tomb Raider game that is probably really good. Should you care? It has a very spectacular visual game. Hopefully a little less shooty-shooty and more exploring and such.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void (PC)

What is it? It's the new Starcraft expansion. Man, this is such a massive week for games. Should you care? If you're super into Starcraft II, this is pretty much all you'll be interested in this week.

The Purring Quest (PC)

What is it? This is a game about being a cat and meeting other cats. Should you care? It looks a bit naff. But apparently some percentage of profits will go to various animal shelters. That's cool.

What did we miss? What are you picking up this week? Let us know in the comments below.


    I'm obsessed with Persona 4, dancing all night can dance right out the door, thank you very much!

      Lol! Picking up my Disco Fever edition on Friday :-)

        Getting the Vanilla version also...

        I'm sure you know already, but if not, you need to keep an eye on SuperBeat : XONIC also, although it was meant to be out this week also, it has been hit with a delay to next month, though other territories should still be on track

        JB seem to be the only one stocking a local physical release :

        Kinda has some Persona 4 Dancing All Night influence, but this one looks much harder...

    Also out this week:
    Sword Art Online: Lost Song (PS4/Vita)
    Transformers: Devastation DLC
    Rodea the Sky Soldier Digital (3DS/Wii U) (90% certain on this)
    The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter comes to the EU PSN

      Huh, didn't know Rodea was on 3DS too. Does the Wii U one have the Wii version here like it did in Japan? Edit: Just saw "digital".

      Last edited 09/11/15 10:16 am

        There's a physical release of Rodea too. First print WiiU version comes with a physical Wii copy, I emailed the publishers and they confirmed it.
        Supposedly the Wii version is the best of the three so I have heard. It's out on the 19th.

          Ah, cool. I probably wouldn't have given the game a second look, but the talk of that Wii version has made me curious.

            Being a spiritual successor to Nights got me interested plus I was pleasently surprised it's having a retail release over here.

    Whose idea was it to release a temporary timed exclusive game against Fallout?

      Some idiot clearly.

        Now Tomb Raider is going to have an even harder time selling then the previous game. Considering that game wasn't successful even after 6 million sales.

          I think the PS4 'complete edition' release next year will be considered the true release. This is just a market test phase :-)

      Going to be so great when it becomes a "games with female protagonists don't sell!" talking point.

        Of course, then that gets shot down when people point out Fallout 4 has a fully voiced, fully integrated female lead option...

          Yeah, but a lot of people don't count games with character generators.

            Which is a little bit silly when you think about it. I mean, that's technically saying it's how a woman looks that defines her solely...


      Yeah. Even Legacy of the Void seems like a dumb move against Fallout 4. That said I'm going to try and resist the urge to play Fallout 4 until I've beaten Rise of the Tomb Raider. I figure that will be enough time for them to release the patch they've been working on since they pressed the disc and a couple of patches to fix any unforeseen game breaking issues. That and after the previous game I'm genuinely excited to play Rise of the Tomb Raider.

      I'd completely forgotten about the new TR... they should have definitely delayed the release by a month.. made it a Christmas release.

        I heard a podcast where MS' PR rep explained they needed to get in before Black Friday but one week earlier is COD one week later is Battlefront so that was their window.

        Fallout 4 will be very popular but not everyone wants it - it interests me - but there's not enough time in the world to justify me getting it on release

      i know right, Im actually looking forward to the game as well. The marketing team should be shot

    Hahahahahahahah who seriously thought it was a good idea to release a game the same week as FALLOUT 4...

    Surely their next wise decision: "Hey I've got a nice little movie I wanna release against Star Wars Episode 7..."

      The next Chipmunks movie is being released against Star Wars.

        And I'm sure it will be crushed by a giant, falling microphone.


        That gave me a real, long and uplifting burst of laughter. Thank you.

        Last edited 09/11/15 8:07 pm

      Nobody should do anything they want people to take notice of this week.

      If I was the PM, I’d be announcing a 30% increase in the GST at midnight tonight.
      If I was Volkswagen, I’d be announcing 50,000 job cuts at midnight tonight.
      If I was Russia, I’d be annexing the Ukraine at midnight tonight (providing you can get one Russian soldier to stop playing Fallout 4 and take over while all the Ukrainian soldiers are playing Fallout 4).

      Honestly, I’m pissed that they’re releasing SPECTRE the same week!

      Last edited 09/11/15 10:26 am

        Russian soldiers are playing CS:GO inter-spliced with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sessions. Get it right :P

        Oh, so something interesting *is* happening this week :P

          Yes, Fallout 4. That's what we've all been talking about, get with the program!

            Fingers crossed everyone will be at home playing that and I'll get to go see Bond undisturbed.

              *shakes fist* You and your program-not-getting-with...

              Last edited 09/11/15 11:30 am

    I'm amazed you had the good graces to finish the list @markserrels :P

    Also thanks to you guys for letting me know about JB's price. I'll be picking up my copy tomorrow after work ^_^


    I'm probably in the minority but im getting Rise of the Tombraider Day 1 and I've ordered Fallout 4 from nzgameshop (usually takes a week or 2 to arrive) just because I think out of the 2 games Fallout is more likely to have bugs Day 1 and with me taking a day off work I want to be playing the least broken game. but hey it could all end in tears and Tombraider is a broken mess. or none of them have any bugs at all.

    Last edited 09/11/15 10:18 am

      Sensible, I suppose.

        I'm going to be even more sensible. I'm going to put off buying Fallout 4 until I've played Fallout New Vegas, which is sitting on my shelf at home.

          I still haven't finished all the dlc. Was a stuck in old money for a year because of my mad skillz

            Dead Money is one of the hardest DLCs in that game if you include the fact that its a stupid maze that's tedious to navigate., Old World Blues on the other hand was one of the best DLCs i've played.

              Maze? Was it? I just put nothing into melee & there were no bullets to be found. I enjoyed the Survival Horror feel, but maaaaan, it was hard.

                The first area of the DLC was a massive maze before you actually get into the casino.

                There are traps everywhere and like you said they take away all your ammo. Its much easier as a melee character because you can just knock their heads off.

    I'm just going to keep buying games I have less and less time to play and hope it all works out!!! Pretty sure I'll be erecting my first home upon my ever growing pile of shame.

      I'll be on the block next door with my house built of shame lol and with all these deals with gold, the list just keeps getting bigger!

        Yeah, I just stopped biting. Last one I went for was Ground Zeroes. Finished that... And have no time to finish Phantom Pain.

          I'm trying, but is so hard. Just bought Shadow of mordor the other day when it was really cheap... but no idea when i'll even get close to playing it. Not enough hours in the day/days in the week

            SoM was great. Just traded it for Fallout 4.

            The great wheel of game keeps on turning, turning ;-)

            Same boat and I'm thinking about getting Wolfenstein because it's cheap now.

              Is not a bad game to be honest, especially at that price. I got it on sale at EB and finished it last month. Single player was fun, and suprising long

    just had my pipboy edition arrive and my collectors edition of legacy of the void, so im stoked, only 11-13hrs to go depending if i want to use a vpn and unlock the game midnight new zealand time

    Oh god, the social media parts of the Internet are going to be unbearable.

    I expect to see no less than five Fallout 4 articles per day, Kotaku.

    Fortunately I'm waiting on the PC release of Tomb Raider, so this week will be just Legacy of the Void for me. Went to the BarCraft yesterday in the city and my excitement for the game is so high right now.

      What is this BarCraft you speak of?

        Blizzard hosted a viewing event for the WCS Global Finals yesterday in a hotel bar in Sydney. Had a bunch of giveaways and also a bartab ;) only problem was at 11am lol

          That is funny. I will go with "In Merica time it was late enough to drink" though that is cool of them. Invite only?

            Haha even in America I think it was only 4pm or so. There was a public event page they made on facebook, but it wasn't advertised very well. There was limited space so I guess they didn't want to advertise to people only to disappoint them. In the end about 200 people attended.

    Brace yourself for waking up at 12am and calling into work sick for a entire day of games!

      Or, how about, you stay asleep, go to work and read up on articles and posts from people playing the game?

        I booked the next day off work. So I pick it up and play it all night without needing to worry about work in the morning, while still getting to read the reviews before I jump in (on work time of course) haha :)

          With Staya net, how long wil it take to download, install and patch?

            I'm bracing myself for that :(
            Installing Blops that other night was a lesson in frustration. Took half the day with all the errors, reboots and re-installing. That was after leaving it on overnight to install, only to wake up and find it had errored out

    more excited for tomb raider than fallout... getting both of course... gonna be some late nights this week!

      Someone said it! Me too actually. Inevitably I'll spend more time with fallout but I wanna play tomb raider first for sure.

        That's the way to go - you can knock Tomb Raider off in a couple of evenings play and should be able to get stuck into Fallout by next week. If you play Fallout first then Tomb Raider will probably be in the bargain bin by the time you actually get around to it which defeats the point of having paid full price to get it on launch day :P

          I like your logic. You are the Braaains after all.

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