This Week In Games: Star Wars Battlefront To The Forefront

Last week was the week of Fallout 4. This week is all about Star Wars Battlefront. Will you be able to lift your head from the Fallout 4 haze to check out Star Wars Battlefront?

12 is Better Than 6 (PC)

What is it? A top down western shooter with a gorgeous black and white art style. Should you care? I'm curious about this one. Looks nice.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (PC)

What is it? I didn't realise the PC had a staggered release. Shows how much I know. Should you care? Not sure whether this is a good port, but the game is good.

Circuit Breakers (PC)

What is it? A top down shooty game that very much resembles Smash TV. Should you care? I love Smash TV. This also looks good. As good as Assault Android Cactus? Probably not. Still cool though.

Deadpool (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? Oh that's right, there's a Deadpool gaming coming out this week. Should you care? It probably won't be terrible, but absolutely just for fans of the comic book character.

Hard West (PC)

What is it? A game about the wild west. We need more of those. Should you care? This is a top down shooter of sorts and looks fun. Give it a gander.

Ether One (PS4)

What is it? This well-received PC game gets a PS4 retail release. Should you care? It's fairly old now, but it looks great.

Fuego! (PC)

What is it? A game about animals taking part in Mexican standoffs. Should you care?

Mario Tennis (Wii U)

What is it? It's Mario playing tennis with all his Nintendo buddies. Should you care? These games are always good. Hard to go wrong with this.

Mayan Death Robots (PC)

What is it? A worms style game about robots exploding each other. Should you care? This looks really polished.

New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward

What is it? Oh man, I forgot this series even existed. Should you care? My wife got so addicted to the original Style Boutique she would miss her stop on public transport. This is a cool series in my opinion.

Nusakana (PC)

What is it? An open world JRPG about a dude on a goddamn gap year. VIDEO GAMES. Should you care? Looks strange. I'd probably give it a miss.


What is it? It's a "cyber espionage themed stealth FPS". Looks interesting. Should you care? An intriguing concept, with interesting visuals. Worth investigating.

Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? It's the huge game of this year's holiday period that isn't Fallout 4. Should you care? Yes, you should absolutely care. This is going to be huge.

Switch Galaxy Ultra (PC)

What is it? A fast-paced, twitch racer. Looks insane. Should you care? Looks interesting, original and well-designed. Check it out.

Tactical Soccer The New Season (PC)

What is it? It's a turn-based football game. Should you care? Why did it take so long for someone to come up with this idea! Genius!

The Tape (PC)

What is it? A 'found footage' style horror game. Should you care? Looks a bit naff.

What are you picking up this week? Let us know in the comments below!


    Hard West looks great, but I doubt anything will take me away from Fallout 4...

      yeah no campaign was a deal breaker for me. Leaving any new games success entirely up to multiplayer is a HUGE risk. Its star wars so we know it will sell but im predicting a game with very little longevity

      sorry, replied to the wrong post .....stupid

        Haha, no worries. I agree with what you are saying in that it is a risk but for people like me who can't handle such linear video games, this is no issue. I have not touched an FPS single player mode since Call of Duty 2.

    Still torn on Battlefront. Loved the beta for a day or two, then it started to wear a bit thin. So will probably give it a miss. But it's hard to say no to all that Star Wars goodness...

      I got it on EA access friday, I was over it after hour or 2 could only find games on 1 mode team deathmatch, will try again on official release.

        Played it for a couple hours on Saturday and it was decent. Played the deathmatch mode and the vehicle only mode.

        I'd say it's just a matter of it being in trial ATM, the only people who are trialling are EA access and that's got to be only a small percentage of people playing.

        It's definitely not as robust as say BF4, but when I play some of those stages to me it FEELS like Star Wars, and that's got my money for sure.

        I had no problem finding a game during the beta, the problem was the game itself just didn't seem to have enough substance to it to maintain interest once the initial thrill of all that Star Wars branding wore off.

      double post.....

      yeah no campaign was a deal breaker for me. Leaving any new games success entirely up to multiplayer is a HUGE risk. Its star wars so we know it will sell but im predicting a game with very little longevity

    I can't justify Star Wars at this point, not when I doubt it would get a look in over Fallout 4 for a long time. Doubt I'll buy anymore games this year, will just get a couple for christmas presents no doubt.

    Ether One, huh? lets hope the retail release is better than the digital one from a few months ago that was free on PS+ - that was the buggiest game I think we will ever see on the PS4 (and no, by comparison Fallout 4 was not as buggy)

    Battlefront, Homefront, Battleborne, Bloodborne, Scalebound.

    Last edited 16/11/15 10:44 am

    FYI, Deadpool isn't a new game as such, just a new release for the new consoles... pretty fun game even if you're not into the comics in my opinion... i'd say most people interested in it played it on PC, 360 or PS3 already though

    hoping to skip everything this week, Battlefront is cool from a Star Wars point of view, kinda dull and lacking in every other aspect

    I believe Super Star Wars (yes, from the SNES) is coming to PS4 this week also... its on the US PSN Blog... few other old Star Wars titles are coming soon to ps4 too (bundled with the star wars ps4 console, but should be available for download for everyone soon enough)... more excited to maybe play that than Battlefront!

    Last edited 16/11/15 10:46 am

      I actually never grabbed Deadpool for 360, not sure why. I'll probably grab it at some point!

        it actually introduced me to the Deadpool character and I enjoyed it... I admit I never finished it as the last boss was a bit rough and felt a bit cheap, I'll get back to it... one day... lol

          Thanks @krisx - was wondering if it was a port of the older Deadpool game. Have on PC so can give it a miss on the Xbone

    Perfect timing, I found out on friday that next week I need to head over to new zealand for a couple of weeks for work. So i'll be taking my razer blade laptop with me, and will have Fallout 4/Battlefront installed to keep my company on those lonely nights in my hotel room.

    There's also Rodea The Sky Soldier coming out on Thursday for Wii U.

    I checked in with EB the other day, and they confirmed it does indeed come bundled with the Wii version. So that's pretty cool I guess. Might have to see about grabbing it...

      According to Yuji Naka, everyone should just play the Wii version. Seems like the Wii U version was more of a forced afterthought than anything else.

    What is it? A game about animals taking part in Mexican standoffs.
    Should you care?

    I see what you did there

    I'm starting to use the word "naff" alot more now, in my day to day speak....

    replaying ROTR. this time purely making my own levels.
    nice little feature to challenge yourself with.
    and then thursday i will be dead to the world again for star wars. and then christmas will be fallout 4 for me. save the big guns for the holiday period off work. ch-ching

    battlefront ... PC... 8 core processor working away
    happy as larry having a chavvie

    Casual Prolix, where are you??? What else is new out of Japan???

    Circuit Breakers? That's not the Circuit Breakers I played.

      Exactly what I thought.
      Used to play this when I was done with Micro Machines.
      My friend defeated me on our first race together. He wasn't normally good at games.
      So when he won he retired as undefeated champion.
      That was around 20 years ago. I still have my copy and I'm waiting for my rematch!

        Ha, nice. One day your time will come. Most of my races with my mates deteriorated into us immediately turning towards eachother and seeing who got knocked off the track first. It was a pretty fun game for what it was.

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