Tips For Single Player Campaign In Halo 5: Guardians

Headshots are great, but Halo 5 is all about Backshots. Halo 5 is manageable when on normal or even heroic difficult. But when you crank things up to Legendary, it's a difficult ball game.

In this video, The Junglist has a few suggestions on how to best approach Halo 5: Guardians when things get tough.

It's funny how Halo has evolved. Each game brings new weapons, different enemies and they all have to be approached a little differently. Compared to most first person shooters, there's actually a fair amount of problem solving in Halo. That's why this video is so helpful. Have a gander!


    Each game brings new weapons, different enemies and they all have to be approached a little differently. Compared to most first person shooters, there’s actually a fair amount of problem solving in Halo

    While that's my main point in Bungie Halo games, I really don't feel like that applies in Halo 5 at all. Because of the added 'feature' of ADS, all weapons are viable at all ranges and pretty much every weapon can take out every enemy now. When I was playing through the game my mind was completely on auto-pilot. I didn't stop to think about my approaches or how to combat enemies, I just dash forward, pull both triggers and keep going.

      This is actually the first Halo game I've played, and I'm not sure what difficulty I played it on, but it was the hardest one available for the first play through (IDK if you unlock Legendary or if it's the hardest default mode). Nothing in this game was actually a challenge. There are some bits that take a few tries, but this seemed to come down to just a bit of good luck. The "last" boss was an exercise in frustration that almost made me put down the controller and walk away. Again, it wasn't actually hard, I ended up beating it just sitting in a single spot and shooting, it's just a shitty design for a boss that is intended to not be played solo. I think it's actually the least fun boss I've ever fought other than the optional one in FarCry 4.

      I was pretty disappointed with the campaign if you can't tell. The mechanics are tight and the guns are fun, but aside from the forgettable story, most of the fight scenes are forgettable too. When it's not being cheap, it's way too easy. Luckily, the online mode is an absolute blast.

        Legendary is always available.

        Halo 2 has the hardest campaign, but that's mainly because of one-shot snipers and those lame boss battles. The most challenging is maybe Halo: Reach.

          Ah OK thanks. Enemies that can kill you in one shot have always annoyed me, worse when they are bosses with inflated health bars such as in halo 5. It's also more painful to watch in this game than most as your allies flail about trying to help you up, but just get inevitably cut down before they can.

          It just seems like a way of causing you to die artificially since barely anything else is actually a threat. Should I bother to go back and play Reach? I'm not horribly invested and only bought 5 for the multiplayer.

            Previous Halo games don't have a 'Down-But-Not-Out' system. Once you die you're reloading the last checkpoint. The marines you work with will straight up die once their health depletes. The exception is in Reach where you're working with other Spartans in several levels. They can't die, but the trade off is that you can't change their weapons and they're not as useful fighting the Covenant. They're usually used as a mild distraction, or get knocked off cliffs.

            I'd say go back and try Reach, as I think it's Bungies best game. They also returned the health system that was absent from Halo 2 and 3 (but returned in ODST as well). That means that once your shields drop you have to be careful with your health, or start exploring the map looking for a secret medpack.

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