Heroes Of The Storm's New Map Doesn't Let You Attack The Enemy's Core

Video: Yesterday Blizzard released an overview video for Heroes of the Storm's new map "Towers of Doom", which, in a unique twist on the standard MOBA formula, doesn't actually allow players to directly attack the enemy's core. It sounds a tad complicated, so I recommend watching before you queue up for a match.


    I played this for the first time last night, and at first didn't know what the F was going on, but it's definitely interesting.

      Literally have no idea what happened but, played it once and we won.

    That actually looks like a hell of a lot of fun. It would be a pretty frenetic map I'd say :D

    I'm loving the variations that Blizzard are bringing to the MOBA formula. I'm very glad that they seem to have found a niche in the market already dominated by some very strong competition.

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