Trying To Sit In Video Games For The First Time

Trying To Sit In Video Games For The First Time

Video: Yeah that seems familiar. Happens with everyone, especially if it's some open world game, with mixed up controls.

Danny Gonzalez is spot on:


    Got bored and stopped after reading the T in Trying.

    It must be a pretty badly designed game if you have to go through three buttons before finding the sit button. Most will either have a prompt or it will be a single, contextually aware button you use for everything. The only reason this would happen is if you have multiple interactive objects in the one place so the game gets confused about what you're trying to interact with.

    Yes, I am an absolute delight at parties.

      Well, you posted more thought on the topic than the OP, that's a plus. :P

    I don't have any trouble sitting, its actually the opposite for me with unintentional sitting. Worst thing is you need to watch the entire sitting and standing animation before you can continue on your merry way.

    After the insightful, informative, indepth articles Mark Serrels and others have posted this week, I guess it's a slightly comforting thing seeing an article scrape the bottom of the barrel...

    Obligatory armchair journalist criticism delivered from emerald tower.

    I must be playing the wrong games. I can't remember ever needing to sit down on a park bench in a game.

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