Two Classic Cartoon Secrets Discovered In LEGO Dimensions

Two Classic Cartoon Secrets Discovered In LEGO Dimensions

The release of the Doctor Who level pack for LEGO Dimensions unlocked some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey cartoon secrets in the game. What good is having a time machine if you can’t travel back to the stone age or forward to Earth’s flying car future?

I’ve barely had time to play LEGO Dimensions since the Doctor Who level pack came out back on November 3 — if I had, maybe I would have discovered secret areas based on Hanna-Barbera cartoons The Flintstones and The Jetsons. Instead I heard about them last night from a couple of my toy-collecting pals, and my first look comes courtesy of YouTuber ChibiCD via Eurogamer.

Meet George Jetson’s apartment.

And then rewind all the way back to Bedrock.

Both of these classic locations are accessed by using the Doctor’s TARDIS at special locations in The Simpsons‘ adventure level and adventure world. I’m guessing they developers chose The Simpsons‘ level instead of the one dedicated to fellow Hanna-Barbera classic Scooby-Doo because the former shares primetime cartoon status with (and takes inspiration from) The Flintstones and The Jetsons.

With LEGO Dimensions toy releases scheduled through May of next year, who knows what other secrets remain hidden? I guess I am going to have to acquire every single thing that comes out in order to stay on top of this. It’s a sacrifice, but I was planning on it anyway.


  • Hopefully they add “hire a hero” to the newer waves of toys. If they do that it’ll make the game that little bit cheaper.

  • Are they the same video!? Sorry I’m just confused – the article is alluding to something but never really even gets there…

    I think the duplicate video is confusing me most though…. I dunno – please explain?

    • Only that no matter how much of the game you ‘complete’, there will always be gated content you can’t get to until the figure/vehicle required to access it is released. At least for these initial waves of series 1 anyway. That’s not to say that the content is finished and on the base disc – it probably isn’t given the couple of gig patch that came out with the Doctor Who pack. Just that the game has been designed to expand with each wave of series one (and annoy the hell out of anyone who comes across an access point they can’t use because the figure doesn’t exist yet).

      • This is just a joke right?! People are still consuming this shit!?

        So many gamers are complaining about buying half a game with all the day one patches etc etc and now it’s like – literally half a game and you have to pay for each level – it’s highway robbery! I mean it’s packaged pretty nicely I am just dreading what schemes they will havce out when my kids are old enough to want them!!!!!!!!!

        • It’s more like you are getting a whole game (storyline wise), but everywhere you go there are in game markers showing you that there’s still more to see and do (and buy, cha-ching), most of which is play content, not story content. I think the true test will be whatever happens with series 2 because series 1 has all been taken in to account when building the game and space left for the new content. I’m not too annoyed by series 1 as the base game alone is a lot of fun for the adults and the kids, it’s a complete storyline experience, and I can see what they were trying to do even if there was no way to do that and keep everyone happy. The price point is the real problem, in that no matter how much of a fair price you might be able to get for both content & lego blocks, it’s still a hell of a money sink.

          • I do want… dont get me wrong i grew up on Lego and my 18 month old loves his duplo

            I just dont want to SPEND! lol and lock myself into spending lol

  • Cool, might mean we see Flinstones and Jetsons levels down the track as they might have had to acquire rights for these.

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