Parent Needs Christian News Show's Advice About Undertale

Undertale has finally hit the bigtime. The hilarious, sometimes moving RPG led one gamer's concerned parent to call popular Christian news program The 700 Club for advice. They said their daughter was obsessed with a hoodie-wearing skeleton. Rev Robertson urged them to get their daughter into less "evil" video games.

The concerned parent's message:

Parent Needs Christian News Show's Advice About Undertale

Oh hey I think I know that guy:

Parent Needs Christian News Show's Advice About Undertale

Thanks for spotting this, Dominic.


    Gah! It's people like that that give their own religion a bad name.

    And it's not just Christianity, such people exist for all flavours of religion and have the same effect.

    They can be as concerned as they like, as long as they don't try and fuck it up for the rest of us.

    Honestly I thought his first bit of advice (not to make a big deal of it) was actually pretty sensible.

    These people are dinosaurs though.

      In fairness, the guy didn't really have an accurate representation of the game given to him in the first place and basically dismissed it. He didn't even infer there was anything inherently wrong with games in general.

      Dinosaurs? I dunno, I mean they're old, but not 7,000 years old! :P

    like we need religion in this age anyway, grow up stupid parents

      Yeah. Old people just don't understand me! I hate my parents! You're not my real dad! I'm locking myself in my room, don't try to get me out!

    Why are you looking through your daughters phone? How very Christian of you...

      Without knowing anything about the child including age or maturity, this is a pretty judgemental statement.

        If you're kid is old enough to have a phone, they are old enough to have a small amount of privacy.

          Now you are assuming a bit about the parents!

            To some extent children deserve privacy. Parents shouldn't be going through their private stuff. A person's phone is private. It's like going through their diary. That's some shitty parenting, man.

              I am not going to give my child a phone until they are responsible enough to use one.
              However I have seen very young children with phones and tablets that have been given to them.
              In that case I would very much keep an eye on what is on it.

    Another reason why people should actually think about what they're doing instead of just opening their mouths and allowing drivel to pour forth. Really, do your research and then comment on things people!!!

    I love articles like this. Apparently ridiculing people is the best way to fix things

    Funny how a depiction of a man hanging from a cross and dying there is not demonic but a cartoon skeleton with a blue eye is. Same goes for mentioning names and/or having images of someone is a sin, just like saying voldemort's name. Religion is dumb in many levels and it's sad to see something that was used at times to preserve culture and knowledge often destroy it. Perhaps that's just the nature of things.

    Going beyond video games and such the next question leads to the mother of all slippery slope arguments.

    lets take a moment of silence at the sheer amount of irony in this post, I mean 'less evil'

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