Unity Just Keeps Looking Better And Better

Unity Just Keeps Looking Better And Better

Video: There once was a time I'd use the word "Unity" — as in the massively-popular game engine — almost dismissively. Like, "oh, this game looks so bad it may as well have been made in Unity". Those days are long gone, and I now regret them.

Unity was pretty gross back in the day, but it was an engine that was in it for the long haul, and now that it's established as a (relatively) quick and painless way to not just make a game, but make it easily multiplatform, it's really starting to come along.

Some of my favourite games of 2015 (like Satellite Reign) use Unity, and look great, but the games of the future will of course look better. Example: here's a demo (via RPS) for Unity 5.3, which for the first time will feature screen-space raytraced reflections (ie, very fancy lighting and reflection).


    It's great how the IDE's and UI's have evolved and will continue to do so until coding becomes just a sub routine for our robot overlords.

    But is it 64 bit?

      It is on Linux :-D

      I'll just head on back to my Kerbal Space Program which recognises more than 4GB of memory....

    im actually using works network to download Unity right now. 250kB\s and hopefully boss doesnt realise. :D

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