Video Game Characters Read Mean Tweets

Twitter is mean.

Take it easy on Sonic guys, he's had a tough couple of years.

This is a pretty awesome skewering of all those celebrities read mean tweets videos.

Link's one is good, but I'm gonna say Liara's one takes the cake.


    Oh wow! I used to go to high school with the guy playing Waluigi. lol. Always wondered where he ended up...

    I want my four minutes back.

      Feel bad for sonic then.
      Sonic wants their 21 years back.

      Yes, That was sh*t. Hope they get even meaner tweets.

    Today on "cringworthy Kotaku shit-posts"...

    This isn't funny and I feel embarrassed for everyone involved. Good day.

    This is bad. Especially the comments. Its like they have been made by a 7 y/o.

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