Video Games Just Got Their Own Version Of The Onion

I've long hoped someone would create a site like this. And now it exists.

It's called Point & Clickbait, and it's the video game parody website we've long deserved. It's the creation of Editor Tim Colwill. closed down recently, and I was fairly gutted. Not just because I was a fan of the site and Tim's work, but mainly because I thought I might have seen the last of his brilliant parody articles.

Articles like, Ubisoft Game: The Review or 10 numbers that you won’t believe are less than 11.

Heading to on April Fools day was a proper, proper adventure.

Thankfully, Tim's awesome satirical mind has found a new home on Point & Clickbait, a site he launched today complete with a ridiculous amount of #content.

It's pretty great. I've spent way, way too much time reading this site today.

Here are a few of my favourites so far...

Games journalist distraught after commenter sarcastically places quotation marks around the word “journalist”

Destiny: The Taken King – 2.1.5 Patch Notes

Notch updates his Twitter account

But really, almost every story on this site is filled with nuggets of pure gold. Well worth checking out.


    It’s the creation of Editor Tim Colwill

    I'm in.

    I read all the articles earlier and now I'm sad that there's nothing left to read

    Finally, something more useful to set as my home page than

    seems really well done even seems to have a fake back catalouge of articles dating back past 2013.

      Fairly sure that the older articles were ones that Tim published on GON and published date matches when they were published there.

    I really was hoping the salami link at the bottom of the Destiny patch notes was a real link he did with Bungie

    Esports Express has existed for way longer, but is mostly Dota, CS Go, League focused, but still fuckign hilarious

    YAY! I was hoping that all of the team moved on to bigger and better things. This is great! :)

    I thought that's what p4rgaming was already.

      Yeah, P4R has been round since 2012 too.

        Huh, I had no idea it was that recent.

          Yeah I was surprised, Ive been reading since 2013, but didnt realise it was 2012 they started. Love that site.

    Wait... I thought Kotaku was The Onion of video games (kidding Mark, put the knife down!)

      Dammit, I came here to post exactly that!

        Dang, I did too. Well played

    If I have one criticism here, "just got their own version of the onion"?
    The articles on the site go back to 2012!

    Mm. I haven't frequented a satirical fake news site for games since Squad Nuclear Slug (which was really Half-Life-focused).

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