Want To Take Part In Paladin's Closed Beta? We Have 500 Keys!

Hey, feel like playing Paladins? The latest game from Hi-Rez Studios, the creators of SMITE? Sure you do. We have 500 codes for the closed beta! Come and get them!

How do you get a key? Pretty simple. Chuck your email below and we'll send you the key. Then head here to activate it.

What is Paladins? Kotaku US has already taken the game for a quick spin. Head there to find out more.


    I have no idea what this is - never heard of it before and it looks like heaps of other shooters at the moment - but you know what? It's a free Beta and it looks like it could be a bit of fun. Count me in.

    Also the "head here" link isn't linked. (edit - looks like it's fixed now.. disregard)

    Last edited 18/11/15 11:38 am

    I'd normally jump on a free game to play but BOI Afterbirth and Fallout 4 are claiming all my free time at the moment. Plus competitive shooters aren't really my thing anymore.

    Someone who will actually play it can have the keys instead.

    Still refreshing my email twice a minute in vain hope for overwatch beta key :p

    I hope this is good, I love smite so I have faith

    Last edited 18/11/15 12:27 pm

    All gone. I got a key, but I tried to get one for my wife as well and it wouldn't let me, presumably because we're on the same internet. Pretty annoying, by the time she got through on her mobile, the keys were all gone.

    Though she has a key for Overwatch and I don't. Harumph.

    PSA, Just received an email that All 500 keys gibbed

    preciso de uma key por favor

    Email attached!

    Send plzzz????

    how to get a beta key?

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