Watch Darth Vader Take Down An X-Wing With A Lightsaber

Star Wars Battlefront is available on Origin from tomorrow, and at retail on Thursday. But in the meantime this is a cool look at how the 'heroes' and 'villains' will work in the game.

If you ever wanted to see Darth Vader take down an X-Wing with a lightsaber, you've come to the right place. Yeah this is pretty cool indeed.

For some reason I wasn't aware of some of the modes that will be available in Star Wars Battlefront. I'm really keen to mess around with things like the 'Heroes vs Villains' mode, which allows players to take control of all the main characters from the Star Wars universe and pit them against one another. It'll probably be unbalanced as hell, but I'm up for it regardless.


    It’ll probably be unbalanced as hell

    Yeah, it really was in BFII. Fun as hell, too :D

    Hell yeah! Already done the preload

      Sandwg, I can't wait to play Battlefront too!

      You should be coming to the LAN on the weekend though ;) We'll be playing it heaps!!

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