Watch Rooster Teeth's Live-Action Take On Fallout 4

Well, I'm sure the internet won't go crazy over this.

It's the latest episode of Rooster Teeth's Immersion series, except they've blended their real-world action with the open-world shenanigans of Fallout 4.

What's particularly cool is the way they have to simulate radiation sickness for Gavin, causing him to fall over, walk into doorways and other hilarious consequences. It seems like a sponsored thing with Bethesda — there's a note for the Fallout 4 website in the description and at the start of the video.

It's still a really high quality piece of work from the Rooster Teeth crew though and, if you're a Fallout fan, you'll probably get plenty of enjoyment out of it. Especially when they have to trade for goods.

I wonder if Rooster Teeth would ever consider a Director's Cut with just the Go-Pro footage. That'd be incredible (especially from Gavin's perspective when he has the windshield on his head).


    I'm most excited about the fact that Immersion is being made again :) havn't been following RT for a little while so I was out of the loop.

      They dropped this episode right out of the blue - nobody knew it was coming! Apparently it's going to be a two parter.

    these guys have way too much money!

      These guys were operating out of a closet in someone's apartment for a long time. They are now a multi million dollar company.

      They have their own PAX-style expo and just made a movie that is coming to cinemas.

    nice i like all the details except one :( vault 636 ? there was only 122 built

      I believe 636 is a reference to the old building they used to work from.

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