Watch The First Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Watch The First Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Video: Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Ever want to see Captain America give Iron Man a beatdown? Or check out Black Panther in action? Here you go.


  • Can the Russo’s just direct all of the Marvel movies…. well James Gunn can help, but damn that’s another step up by the looks of it.

    Those guys know how to nail that tone.

      • Yeah! Winter Soldier was a real step up tonally and thematically for the MCU, kinda just showed that you don’t need to always need to pander to children to make something successful.

        • It has the kind of style and gravitas I associate with The Dark Knight. Even the more “comic” stuff was handled deftly… Think I might have to go watch it again.

          • I’m pretty sure (as sad as it sounds) that the “comic” stuff was the only thing that kinda let down the pacing of the move, like the whole Zola computer thing, while important for exposition, just felt all kinds of slow and out of place considering 95% of the movie is Steve running from one place to another dropping goons like it’s no-ones business.

          • Yeah, was referring to the Zola stuff. Cool throwback to comicbook canon, but pretty daffy nonetheless. Still worked, though.

          • Oh, God… the computers in that movie… “We have tippy-top secret technology that lets us track the origin of any file”.


    • Well, they’re confirmed for Avengers 3a and 3b. So that’ll be an incredible step up from the dire shittacularness that was Ultron.

      • It certainly had a bevy of problems. But i can’t hate it, despite it being so, so less than the sum of its parts.

        Methinks Joss should probably go back to doing what makes him happy.

        • Methinks you’re right, I love Joss, but AOU just came across as being tired and like a quarter of the movie had been cut for running time.

          Feels like the scale and risks were meant to be way bigger and that the details, settings and exposition were supposed to be a bit more thoroughly explored.

          But hey, anything with James Spaders smooth jazzy voice is alright by me.

          • I liked it, but I can see why others didn’t. I think it was doomed to be panned, too, considering how much The Avengers was revered. Ultron couldn’t replicate that “wow, it’s all these characters in the same movie” feeling.

            I doubt Avengers 3 will fare much better, but I suspect making it more plot-focused instead of character-focused and splitting it into two parts will help a lot.

          • Oh man I liked it too, heck I feel like watching it again right now haha.

            It’s really just what happens with sequels, it’s the standard lull in the a series where you can’t exactly have the biggest threat in the Universe just yet (so you have something to save for later) but you still have to scale up from the first movie and you end up with Bread.

            Bread is pretty good, does the trick, fills that big ol empty spot in your stomach, ain’t especially tasty or anything but at least it satisfies your cravings for delicious food. Might be a bit bland on it’s own but it’s a good vehicle for those condiments you know and love.

          • I’d probably say that Age of Ultron achieves a solid Garlic Bread/10 , can’t really go too far wrong with Garlic Bread haha

    • Right! It’s a great time to be a comic book fan but the reality is that a large part of the Marvel films are pretty average. Which is a shame because you only get one chance to do the film. That goes double for right now because it’s a universe they have created. There is only one Thor, on Captain America ect ect.
      Get the Russo’s a loooonnnnnnnnng contract.

  • Looks pretty good. But Black Widow being on team Tony and Hawkeye on Team Steve feels a little off. Why break up the team that worked in Cap 2.

    • Not sure about Hawkeye but I imagine Black Widow is a little closer to Hulk than Cap at this point – and you can’t break up the science buddies 😛

    • I don’t watch the movies, but wasn’t Hawkeye the one who had a wife and family in Ultron? I’d imagine that would put you in a position where you’d want privacy in regards to your identity.

    • Yeah, maybe fifteen MCU movies later as they continued to add to the roster until you really got enough players in the game for it to be a civil war instead of a civil wrasslin’ tourney.

  • Anyone else feel like they put WAY too much of the movie in there?
    Take a page from the new star wars and leave some of the plot a mystery to people who don’t know the civil war comics.

    • I completely agree. Only things I even know about the new Star Wars (from trailers and random things):
      – Black guy (Finn?) is a rubbish Stormtrooper/Tie Fighter pilot, but is going to be a jedi with Anikin/Luke’s old saber (awesome).
      – Girl (Rey?) has a big staff… and runs around a bit. Probably does some other stuff too.
      – Kylo Ren (whoever that is) has a mask, fancy Lightsaber and wants to avenge Vader.
      – Han & Chewie get captured for the 50’000th time.
      – Luke caresses R2 with his robot hand.
      – space battle, lightsaber dual, force is calling.

      I know shit all about the film and I’m still excited as hell. Marketing always goes too far these days.

      • Considering we’re about 10 films deep and that the premise is literally in the title and every scrap of advertising (Lets see how many ways we can have Steve and Tony look angsty at each other from the opposing sides of the poster) this doesn’t really give that much away that hadn’t already been handed to us on a silver platter.

        Credit scene in Ant-Man set up the Bucky thread and they managed to keep Spidey and Ant Man out of the trailer which at least leaves some curve balls left to be thrown.

    • Mystery doesn’t sell. They did a study some time back (forgot which institute/agency) and found that “most” people actually prefer to have the film essentially spoiled for them in trailers. They found that revealing all the “big plot points” actually makes the movie perform better in the box offices (not sure if its correlation or causation though…)

      Apparently the average moviegoer likes to know exactly what they’re paying for before walking in…

  • Ever want to see Captain America give Iron Man a beatdown?
    NO. But I do want to see the Iron Man give Captain America a beatdown.
    *folds arms and huffs grumpily*

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