Watch Us Playing Halo 5, And Join In!

I am playing Halo 5. Come and join, or just watch and laugh. Whatever suits!

If you feel like joining in my gamertag for this evening is POA Markosaurus. I don't remember why I chose that name. It was a long time ago but now I have to live with the consequences! Watch live video from KotakuAU on

My plan is to play a lot of Arena, because that's my jam. Until everyone gets really bored and then I'll probably give Warzone a try. I haven't played too much Halo 5 to date, so be gentle with me!


    By the time i got online it was over :( stupid AWST.

    I got in at the right time but he was already playing so maybe he might do it again sometime pretty good shooter mark was haha.

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