What A Typical Match Of Overwatch Looks Like

What A Typical Match Of Overwatch Looks Like

A lot of gamers have been losing their shit recently because of Overwatch, which just went into closed beta and is already fantastic. You might be wondering: Hey, what does it look like to actually PLAY this game everyone's so excited about? Wonder no more, my friend!

For the sake of clarity, I captured a game where I only played as a single character lest things get too confusing. You can switch between characters whenever you're back at your base in Overwatch, but since the game was going well, I didn't really have to.

In the video below, you can see me playing as the war-weary space marine Soldier: 76. He's the closest thing Overwatch has to a standard run-and-gun FPS space marine type dude, so his gameplay will likely be more relatable for shooter fans:

One quick note on Soldier: 76. Whenever he shouts, "I've got you in my sights," that means I've triggered his ultimate. It lets him lock onto a target and quickly deal a ton of damage. Locking on makes it extremely useful as a way to kill the infuriating teleporting hero Tracer. God, I hate Tracer so much already.

Somehow I ended up winning the match — along with my teammates, of course. I swear this wasn't selective editing; I just went with the first two matches I captured! I guess I'm just that awesome lucky.


    That player makes the game look boring as hell. very slow at typing messages as well.

      Slow typing?
      Literally gamebreaking.

      Pfft, what kind of a criticism is that mate?
      Not everyone can type 200 words per minute like you bud.

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