What Are You Playing This November?

What Are You Playing This November?

Holy hell, it's November. What happened to 2015?

With a new month comes a new crop of games to play. When that month happens to be November, we usually get a whole bunch of new games. There's certainly no shortage of things to play, so I wanted to see how you all were choosing to spend your gaming time. I'll go first.

My main three games at the moment are Assassin's Creed Syndicate, The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone, and Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition. I've been jumping between all three of those and still somehow finding time to eat, which hasn't been easy. Syndicate is the most I've liked an Assassin's Creed game in a while, even though it's still got too much of that peculiar Assassin's Creed jankiness going on. Hearts of Stone is just brilliant — Luke and I have both written about it separately — and I continue to be impressed with CD Projekt as I work my way through it. I'm equally impressed with the updated version of Divinity, and wish I had another 50 hours to play it all over again.

Other than that, let's see… my interest in Destiny is currently on the wane, mostly because I've started to bottom out on endgame activities. As usual with this sort of game, Destiny's fun-to-frustration ratio gets bleaker the deeper you get into the endgame. I had a great time playing Trials of Osiris this weekend, but an awful time trying to beat Oryx in the Hard Mode raid last week. I think my time with the game may shrink to a few Trials cards per weekend, at least for the time being.

I also played some Clue over the weekend. Yes, Clue. The board game. I hadn't played in a while, and… Clue is pretty solid! I'd forgotten how much meta-strategy and observational detective work that game allows for.

It's looking like it will be possible to get my plate clear before a certain post-apocalyptic RPG launches next week, which, phew.

How about you? What are you playing this November?


    Lego Dimensions and CoD single player campaign (only coz it comes with the new Xbone I'm getting) until the 10th. Then Fallout 4. Nothing but Fallout 4. Probably.

    This week probably Pool Nation FX, Minecraft: Story Mode, Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, Time Clickers and finishing off Lego Dimensions. Next Week Fallout 4 and the week after be alternating between that and Star Wars: Battlefront till the end of the month, and then kick of December with Just Cause 3.

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    Getting ready for fallout 4, but been playing through Dead Space series again, also plan to tackle the Crysis series. I have finally gotten around to playing Pillar's of Eternity. I am still wanting to pick up a ps3 and get the Metal Gear series before getting 5 on PC but already have a ton of games to get through so that might have to wait as late as next year.

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    Persona 4 Dancing All Night -- sweet sweet Persona!
    Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd (Vita!)
    Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
    Mass Effect (PS3)
    Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
    Volume (PS4)
    If I get all those finished I'll probably go:
    1. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
    2. Steins;Gate (Vita!)
    3. Mafia II or Yakuza 3
    4. Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone

    I suppose Halo 5 and some Black Ops III. Then Fallout 4. Then Battlefront during Fallout breaks. Then it's next November.

    Looking over what Gundam games are on offer that hit close to 'passably competent' and Fallout 4.

    Basically, retrofuture laser fight with robots. That's my current mood and I aim to stick to it for the month.

    I'm on vacation at the moment so I've completely missed the Destiny Halloween event (don't get back till the day after it ends), so I've been trying to catch up on some 3DS titles.
    Currently finishing Tales of the Abyss, which has become one of my favourite Tales games alongside Symphonia & Graces. If I finish it quickly enough I'll dab a little into the new Zelda, but I'm just delaying till I get home and sink my teeth into Fallout 4.
    Yay for extending my holiday to encompass Fallout 4. :D

    Finishing off the Uncharted trilogy.
    Everybody's Gone To The Rapture (played it a couple weeks back but loved it so much I'll want to play it again).
    The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter
    And I finally got GTA V so I might even get around to starting that!

    CLUE!!!!!!!! One of my absolute favourite films.

    Fallout New Vegas for the next 6 days and then...oh. I don't know, I might just give up gaming on the 10th

      I clicked through mainly because of the Clue screenshot. One of the best movies barely anyone I know has seen.... :D

    I know I'm very late to this party, but I picked up the Bayonetta double-pack on WiiU and I'm finally playing through the first game. Far out, this game is bonkers! Five chapters in & loving it so far.

    Playing games, man. Playing games.

    Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition, with my D&D group at this point in time :)

    Need for Speed, Black Ops 3 (mainly zombie mode), Star Wars: Battlefront and Witcher 3 (still in pile of shame, started, not finished), Dishonored: Definitive Edition.

    All these to be played at various times.
    Love me some November games!

    I am downloading Trials Fusion as I type having just plugged in the 360 this weekend and rediscovered Evolution. Such an amazing game that I am so bad at!

    Also Halo 5 (combat is fun, Prometheans suck, story is balls, haven't touched multiplayer yet).

    And Uncharted Trilogy (up to number 2). Also The Last of Us Remastered. It is quite an education to play the Uncharted games alongside Last of Us - ND really did get so much more confident with their handling of character and narrative. Uncharted feels like a picture book to The Last of Us's novel at times.

    Also I am trying to hold off buying AC: Syndicate even though I really want to and everything says 'do it'. Should I do it? I should just do it.

    Dead island, Far cry 2 and Chronicles of Riddick butcher bay, Plants vs zombies it's about time

    Phantom Pain, Hearts of Stone, Arkham Knight, the last 2 eps of Telltale's GOT and obviously Fallout 4.

    So much Fallout 4.

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    Fallout 4.
    Halo 5.
    Black Ops III.
    WWE 2k16.
    I'm sure there's other stuff I'm forgetting but I'll be playing a lot.

    Zen pinball
    *Eppaligy has been kicked from server*

    Finally finished MGSV:TPP, on to Batman: Arkham Knight.
    Then I have Witcher 3 to start after that!
    Playing Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide as well.

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