What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What am I playing this weekend? Probably Halo 5: Guardians. Yeah. Most likely a bunch of that.

It’s funny because, as much as I love Metal Gear Solid V, I think I might have to resign myself to the fact that I’m never, ever going to finish it. 30 hours in. 19%. I mean, seriously!

I’m enjoying Halo 5 so far, even though I suck at it. If I had one complaint it would be that the Arena maps (which I spend most of my time playing in) are a little samey in their visual style? Weird complaint I know! I think the layout and the designs are pretty top notch, but damn, I’d like a bit more colour in the places where I’m shooting people in the face.

So yeah, it’ll be Halo 5 for me. I’ll be trying my best to ‘git gud’, since I’ve lost a few steps and kids these days are ridiculous.


  • I’m very tempted to play a few games of Starcraft 2. Get back into the swing of things for Legacy of the Void.

    It seems like an okay idea except I don’t think LotV is a day one purchase for me anymore. Starcraft was rad but now I play Dota. There are only so many games I can play that require a decent time investment. On the other hand, LotV is meant to be much, much simpler.

    • I’m quite jealous. But cant wait for a review even though I’ve already pre-loaded it.

      I so badly want it to be good. I’m sure it will be. Right?

  • Still cracking on with Divinity Original Sin & Trails in the Sky SC.

    Also gave Darksiders another shot after finding a $7 copy. Actually really digging it this time. Finished my first dungeon last night.

    • The first or the second? The first was fantastic, the second introduced all the RPG mechanics that I loved, but in the process of trying to be an open world RPG, made all the open in between parts feel empty; I didn’t get nearly as much enjoyment from the second.

      • With this open world, how does it handle enemies?
        Quite liking how they don’t respawn every time I return to a room in 1.

        • Basically imagine the first game, but with big expanses in between (but you have a horse thankfully). Enemies respawn here (and I think they even respawn in the dungeons, all because RPG and leveling I suppose, so you can just farm dungeons if you wish), but in the open areas, for the most part, you can just ride past.
          It’s basically a simple leveling system with a skill tree, and Diablo-esque randomly generated loot. It’s a nice change to mix it up, but it certainly detracts from the charm the first had.
          By all means, worth playing, but don’t set your expectations too high. I haven’t played in a long time, and I played when it first came out, so I could be wrong on some details, and some details may have changed with updates.

          • I really didn’t like Arkham City because they went open world.

            But I’m usually more forgiving of open world in RPGs.

            I’m torn!

          • It still has the same great combat mechanics and level/dungeon design, so I would say get it if you love the first, but maybe wait for a good sale so it’s not such an investment.

          • Oh yeah cool, I wasn’t about to rush out & buy it. See how I feel after finishing 1 & I’m about to have Fallout 4 ruin my marriage :p

          • It will probably be in the $5 bargain bin by the time you’ve finished exploring the wastes and going through the divorce process 😛

  • I’m getting back into Left 4 Dead now that they’ve finally released an addon that enables the gore which was removed by the censored version. Loving it!

    • Feel proud to be one of the few to get a US version of L4D2 through Steam using the ol’ change the URL to the US store trick. They fixed that a long long time ago unfortunately.
      I picked up the AU version on 360 to play with some friends, and omg it’s awful without the gore. It really does detract from the gameplay, mostly with how the bodies pile up in the uncensored version.

  • I finished Shadow Warrior the other day. What a good game. It’s so classic, yet designed for a modern audience. The story and characters were surprisingly decent, even Lo Wang gets a character arc. Only real problem were a few control issues.

    I’ve done a lot in the lastest Strider game, so I’ll probably finish that up.

    My subscription to FF14 is about to be renewed, so I think I’ll do some level 50 missions before cancelling the game. Online RPGs don’t interest for the late game grinding aspect and I’ll get the expansion later.

    I made the stupid decision to buy Witcher 3, because it was on sale at EB. So I might start that.

    • I absolutely loved the new Strider…at first.

      Eventually the pedestrian level design & power-ups just got to me.

  • Have mates visiting for Saturday so it will be drinking and maybe a little poker.
    Sunday is likely to be Dishonored Definitive Edition on the PS4. I haven’t played it before so i’m excited to see what it’s all about.

    • dishonored is rad, although the definitive edition does make things a little easier from the get go by upping the amount of bone charms you can have equipped at once. Still super fun though

  • Mmmm… still going with my Mass Effect playthrough. Starting to chat up Ashley 😉

    Zelda A Link Between Worlds… how can a game be well-designed yet annoying at the same time?

    More Miku fever with Project Diva F 2nd.

      • I’m stubbornly holding out for the EU release of TitS SC. My EU region Vitas are both OLED whilst my US region Vita is LCD. I want colourful OLED TitS as my Christmas game this year!

        • Well, you wanna play TitS 1C first.

          It’s a story heavy JRPG called Trails in the Sky. Available for both PC & PSP/Vita.

          You wanna play it if you like heart touching fantasy tales with turn based fighting.

          There’s so much text it took the localisation team something like 6 years to translate etc. They won’t be making much profit either, Labour of live by the fans for the fans.

  • Nothing! I uninstalled and removed all my games so that I could work on a project because I have zero will power to resist getting distracted by them. But I have bought Fallout 4 so that will go on on tuesday and my project better be done by then 😛

  • Most likely cracking on with Destiny. Still have no one to play with, any takers? I’m on PSN, Wa1dofoo20XX. I’d like to try a raid sometime with a few peeps, I’m 288 light on my Titan, all solo work pretty much. Like to take it a bit more seriously but who am I kidding, goofing around would also be great.

  • Well, I’ve gotten over destiny withdrawal now so I can do anything … I think I’ll finish off pnuema:breath of life and then jump back into staring at the fallout 4 pre install until tuesday night

    • once you break it you wonder why you played it so much. Its great fun but gee, it felt like i did the same thing over and over and over and over and over again

      • It’s a really weird thing, I still enjoy playing it with friends, but I can’t justify the grind anymore. It’s still my most played game of the past year though with something like 600 hours but eh, I got my money’s worth

        • I had a similar problem with DC Universe Online. I enjoyed playing, loved playing with my friends, but the content was fun once, ok the next three or four times, and then by end of the first week a pain in the butt chore. Eventually you have to decide between grinding to keep up with a game you want to play or letting go and finding something that’s not as good but less obnoxious. It’s like having to play Farmville in order to play Fallout.

        • Yeah totally agree. Love the online side of things still but the grind is over. I think I got something like 400-500 hours. Halo has well and truly taken over for me

  • Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth expansion. I’m having a tonne of fun discovering all the new items, even if people are crying about it being literally the worst thing that has ever existed in the existence of mankind because it had a bug on release.

  • Don’t think I’m going to have time for much gaming this weekend, so it’ll probably just be a bit of Fallout: Shelter.

  • It’s a toss up between standing around playing Guitar Hero and laying around watching anime, and even then it’s going to be a struggle to work up the energy.

  • I’ll just keep kicking on with Metal Gear Solid V. I must be close(ish) towards the end by now I would think…
    As this is my first MGS I have no idea what is going on but I am seriously loving every minute of it.

  • Arkham Knight. Enjoying that immensely. Rings a little hollow, but it’s top notch stuff and I really want to finish something on my pile before Fallout 4 dominates all.

  • I’m at 12% on MGSV – but last night I tried MGO for the first time – I can feel that taking over my weekend!

  • I will be playing Black Ops 3, something to tide me over until Tuesday, after which it will probably Fallout 4 for a long long time.

  • i got roped into helping the folks with their garage sale tommorow……
    but i finally bit the bullet and bought fallout 3. got it installed last night after a bit of an anxiety crisis with it having Ubisoft logo on the cover, but got it installed on steam. went to play, oh yeah not optimized for win 7. fixed that this morning so heres hoping i can get home tonight and play the crap out of it.

  • Hi, I’m the late to the party guy. After spending the last couple months bashing out Destiny PVE, I’m starting the move on to Elder Scrolls Online. For someone who hates people, I play a lot of MMOs.
    Would like to pre-load Fallout 4, but not jumped on this yet. I really want the game, but I also feel like I really need all the enjoyable time I’m going to end up putting into it.

  • Some single player Black Ops 3 and Lego Dimensions. Possibly Diablo 3 and some Just Cause 2.

  • Disgaea 5 mostly with some Etrian Mystery Dungeon and a smattering of pick up and play games according to my whims. Oh, and Mushihimesama.

  • I brought an Imac G3 back to life this week, new HDD, Ram and CMOS battery, so Ill be checking out some kids educational games… and i got hooked on Rocket League at pax.

  • Guitar Hero Live was giving away free party passes on the weekend. They may still be available due to the US / AU time differences. I think I’ve played over 100 songs now, over half the catalogue, and I still have 27 hours left.

    My fingers sure are numb though. :-\

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