What Are You Playing This Weekend

Okay, I'm guessing most of you are going to be playing Fallout 4 this weekend. That's a pretty safe bet.

I too will most likely be playing Fallout 4.

Which actually surprises me. I played a lot of Skyrim, but never really got into Fallout 3 in that way. But after just a couple of hours in the wasteland, I'm starting to get a sense of what makes the world so compelling. I can't wait to delve back in. I also expect I'll play a fair amount of Arena on Halo 5.

But the thing I'm most excited about this weekend isn't a video game. On Sunday I'm flying down to Melbourne to attend UFC 193. Super excited about that!

What are you guys and girls getting up to this weekend?


    Not gonna have time for a lot of gaming, but hopefully will be able to get into Fallout 4 for at least a few hours.


    Just got an xbone, will probably give that a shot. Otherwise, gonna work to finish off Lords of the Fallen, and just started Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

      Hey, I started Rapture last night after scoring it cheap in the PSN sale. Pretty great so far, I'll be wrapping that this weekend.

      Tips if I may: hold R2 to move faster, and make sure you're wearing headphones if your sound system isn't good. The audio is a huge part of the experience. Enjoy!

        I know about the R2 thing, but I'm certain it's not making any difference. Is it meant to be possible from the start of the game? Is there any kind of obvious cue when you've hit the speed-up threshold?

          No, it gradually speeds up until you hit a limit. It's not a hugely noticeable difference. About 50% faster maybe. I basically just held down R2 whenever I was outside. There are also some interiors (or most interiors?) where it doesn't work and you are forced to walk.

            This. It takes around 5 or 6 seconds to build up speed, and there are still some areas of the game where you are forced to slow-walk but it isn't signposted.

            Probably my only critique of the game so far.

              I get why they did it, and I don't know what the solution is. You need the slow traversal to be able to have time to absorb the setting, the music, the dialogue etc. Maybe some system of fast travel would be a benefit. Maybe a hub in each general area of the game? Part of the mysteriousness for me, though, was backtracking and getting the rewinding of the time of day. That was freaky.

      How great is Lords of the Fallen! I enjoyed it much more than the Souls series. Checkpoints outside boss areas really solved a huge pet peeve I had with the Souls series. Game is beautiful too :)

    My Fallout 4 just arrived at work so will put some into that, On Battlefront tonight with some mates from NZ, if anyone wants to play, add me Black Dahlia NZ

    I would be playing Fallout4 but instead im forced to spend the weekend with close friends at the beach with alcohol. Im pretty sure ill be thinking about Fallout4 nearly the entire time.

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      I'm worried, sounds like addiction. You need do ditch the family & play more Fallout

    Yes I will be playing Fallout 4, but if my brother gets online will also play some 1vs1 Rocket League and mess around with the mutators.

    A lot of Fallout 4. Might try and find some time for some Fallout 3 since it's free with backwards compatibility.

    Might squeeze in some Diablo 3 as well.

    I think I'll visit my parents tomorrow. Gotta pick up my insurance anyways.

    I made the stupid decision to buy Witcher 3. I have like, 150 other games I need to clear. Including the DLC for New Vegas and Skyrim. Really enjoying it, just need to stretch out my time.

    Started up The Cave. Might play through that. Maybe I'll finally start up Dragon Age 3, owned it for a year on 360 and haven't really touched.

    It's going to make me sound like a jerk but I kinda wish the Shadowrun campaign everybody is playing will finally collapse in on itself. All I've been hearing is bad things, including the GM (the problem player who has no rental history) not learning the rules and hearing an unfortunate story where combat started and he just gave the rule book to a newbie player (to tabletop gaming in general) and had him read out the rules while fight was happening.

    Tossing up whether to go PS4 or PC for Fallout4, so will probably end up just playing STUN Runner on the lynx.

      If you've got a PC that can run it as good or better than the ps4, get it on the PC.

        I've got an X99 with Titan X, but just not sure I want to spend time fiddling. I tend to spend more time fussing with the machine than playing, whereas on the PS4 I just pickup and play, so tend to get more game-time. Also, some of the glitches sound game-breaking on the PC.
        How is controller support on the PC version? I've heard people hating on the keyboard control on Fallout 4.

        Arrgh I hate decisions, then I have to decide re SW Battlefront as well.

        Plus, the 24GB download will take 3 days on my connection :(

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          From what I've read controller support on the PC version is good and people have been using that over keyboard/mouse.

          I've got it on PS4 purely because my PC isn't good enough to run it better than the ps4.

          Can't say I've had any glitches yet after 5 hours with it. My mates played 18 and hasn't mentioned any. I'm running it on a 5870. I think people over exaggerate the issues with Bethesda's games just because it's the done thing.

          Actually I had 1 were the door didn't open because I ran in front of it before the news item ended so I was stuck inside instead of running to the vault. but that was just a reload to 2 minutes earlier, it's right at the start of the game.

          About the controls, yeah they're slightly annoying, I hate the mouse more then the keyboard as it still has the issue that it won't trigger the menu's properly but that will get patched or someone will make a better UI mod.

          I'm the same....

          GTX670 with similar specs to this?

          Or the Xbox One for install (update) then play + achievements...

          I'm the same RE fussing over the game settings instead of just playing it when I'm on the PC.
          I did pick up Fallout 4 for the PC and it looks and runs brilliantly - great controller support as well.
          However my wife grabbed it for PS4 and I have actually found myself making that my main version as well, just because its so simple to collapse on the couch and fire it up and not spend any time worrying about how it's running, etc.

      PC for the mods!!! The flexibility of graphics settings is really nice too. I'm running 2560x1440 resolution downsampled to 1920x1080. It looks so sharp, you can't even see the pixel lines. Not a jagged edge in sight. :D

        Having decided to use downsampling from 4k on MGSV cause it don't support multi-monitor I have just fallen in love. Downsampling is like the smoothest looking sharpest thing ever. FXAA etc can go die.

    Fallout 4! So damn good. Currently equal tie with Witcher 3 for my GOTY. We'll see how the next few weeks go. It may well win out.

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    Well I WOULD be playing fallout 4, but I'm interstate the whole weekend so it will have to wait until next week. No gaming this weekend ^_^

      Yeah, that sucks :-(

        Nah, weekend with the girlfriend, only thing that is better than a weekend with Fallout 4 :D

          Fair call. You should complement her accordingly ;-)

    Yup fallout 4. And when I'm not playing I will likely be watching others in the house playing. lol

    But also I think we might try to squeeze in some Splatoon as there are new maps starting tonight! yay!

    I'm faced with a tough decision. I finished Rise of the Tomb Raider last night so now I've got to decide if I want to continue with it and get 1000/1000 achievements, or start Fallout 4 and play Tomb Raider and finish Rise of the Tomb Raider back to back later down the track. Fallout 4 is the sort of game that I want to play in unhealthily long sessions, and I know I'll be interrupted a lot this weekend with apartment hunting.

      Was Rise as good as the first reboot?

      The first rates in my top 10 games (playing the Definitive version now thanks free on GOLD!). Haven't sat down and gone through a game without getting bored for a while (hence why I'm holding on Fallout 4).

      Trying to adjust my finances pre-xmas to be less debt heavy. The lure of Rise is strong and wifey wouldn't know the difference of the two on the TV.

        Yeah it's really good. It's more of the same in a good way. If you're enjoying running around shooting things with arrows and climbing on things it's perfect. There's more optional tombs in the main story and the multiplayer was replaced with sort of a score attack challenge mode.

      Wow. I've spent 11 hours on ROTTR yet still in Soviet Installation. Probably because I'm taking my time exploring everything and doing whatever optional stuff I can.

        I finished with 100% in about 30 hours. I left it sitting on pause for a long time though so that might be a lot longer than it actually took. I had a lot of free time between now and when it launched. =P

          I'm glad it's 30 hours or less . I was beginning to worry if I have enough time before going overseas next month. Cannot spend more than a couple of hours each day.

      I'm jealous, I'd love to be playing Rise of the Tomb Raider as a break from all the Fallout 4-ing, but... PS4. Ne'er there been a timed exclusive I've been so mad about.

        Hopefully they at least have the sense to release the PS4/PC version during a quiet period where it doesn't have to fight for the spotlight. Even though I've got an XBOX One and can play it I'm pissed off with them about exclusivity on this. The game is way to good to be messed around with like this. The series has enough trouble getting people to take it seriously without being a medium term exclusive in the shadow of Fallout 4. I get that they're worried it'll under perform so the Microsoft money seems like a good deal on paper but in the big picture it only hurts the series.

          Apparently it's Q1 release on the PC (annnd I don't have a PC that could play it ofc) and Q4 release on the PS4 - so that's a full year for Squeenix to figure out how they're going gouge PS4 users for any individual DLC since most likely it will all be out on the Xbone by then (unless it's all got the year's time exclusivity agreement too, in which case bite me, Squeenix, I'll buy GOTY second hand in a bunch of years time).

          Even coming out Q4 2016, I can't see it escaping going up against a whole bunch of anticipated titles if it's anything like this year. Seriously, why would you throw your franchise under the bus on the console that's been it's biggest supporter and likely still is the most purchased of the latest gen consoles out there?

          This is what shits me the most, I think, because the reviews make it look fantastic and I want to play it now, but am I even going to care about it in a year's time when they finally graciously release it on the PS4 (at full price too, of course, and likely for just the base game) which I've also probably been spoiled up the wazoo for?

          Timed exclusives, no matter the platform, infuriate me. It's companies literally paying lots of money so that someone is barred from accessing already completed content. It doesn't matter whether it's a full game or just DLC or anything, timed exclusives exist to hurt the gamer.

          (Sorry, wall of text rant.)

            It's a wall of text but it's a justified wall of text. It's literally selling their fans out to the highest bidder. Square-Enix convinced Microsoft that this game would twist your arm into buying an XBOX One. Activision convinced Sony that Destiny would shove me into playing on my PS4. Bethesda convinced EB Games that their Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 would force people to ignore their track record and shop with them. We're constantly making them additional money behind the scenes with these deals that do nothing but inconvenience us, yet they still ask us to pay full price for the game plus DLC.

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              Thanks, sometimes I can't just tell if I'm yelling because it make sense or just because I'm mad. Sometimes it's both! And yeah they really are selling us out, just to get as much money as possible. There is literally no value in timed exclusives to anyone BUT the publishers in an industry that seems to forget sometimes that we're the ones who are actually the consumers. It just stokes the shitty pointless console wars and makes people angry.

              It's funny because up until this very game was announced as an exclusive - and this was before 'timed' even came into it - I had actually been toying with getting an Xbone! I've always been a Playstation person and I thought you know, it might be worth getting. To check out the Xbox-only exclusives. Instead of making me rush out and buy one this made me so furious I was like NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN EVER.

    Board games on Saturday
    Sunday is free so maybe a chunk of assassin's creed if we don't decide to go somewhere

    I might be playing Fallout 4 this weekend. Depends whether I can be bothered driving the more than two hour round trip to my sisters in Brisbane to download the 19 gig they failed to include in the physical copy.

    I suspect I will... such is the price of addiction ...

      THIS. was so frustrating. Really wished they had included multiple DVD's for the PC install. Fortunately i'm in Brisbane and had an incredible fast connection to download it on. Only took about 10 minutes to download.

    My house is under renovation and everything had to be packed away. So no games for a month for me that isn't on a handheld. I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms.

    Thinking it's going to be the StarCraft 2 campaign.

    Maybe some Forza 6.

      You play Forza 6 online at all??

        I've tried but there never seems to be anyone around.

        I don't usually play racing online, to many bumper car games. From what I read Forza 6 is no exception to this

    Star Wars Battlefront via EA Access. Those sounds are just insane.

    I'm saving Fallout 4 for my Christmas leave, so it'll be mostly Vermintide with some Warframe, Armoured Warfare and FF14 mixed in.

    Just bought The Witcher 3, will dive into that tonight.

    I'll be playing Rise of the Tomb Raider, been playing Survivor mode, not as challenging as I thought it would be feels basically like normal mode except your always ridiculously low on cloth and weapon parts. after that I'll be open to Fallout 4

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    Not Destiny! For the first time in months.

    Gonna return Fallout and get Mad Max, probably should have got MM in the first place, but I made a rookie mistake and believed the hype.

    I really didn't like Fallout, just felt like more of the same clunky, badly animated, glitchy... everything. I don't really like the retro/future setting, it kind of annoys me to be honest. I really wanted to like it, but after the Witcher and Metal Gear my bar for quality is set really high and Fallout doesn't really cut it. Compare the combat to Metal Gear specifically and it's painfully obvious how outdated and just crudely made it is. Everything that annoyed me about Skyrim is still there too, which doesn't help.

    Just Cause 2 was awesome so I'm sure Mad Max will be more of what I'm after.

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