What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm playing Fallout 4. THE END.

I actually don't have a copy of Star Wars Battlefront but I'm not too sure if I'm ready to commit to another multiplayer focused shooter at this point. I'm pretty much alternating between Halo 5: Guardians and Fallout 4 so I'm not too sure I have the time or headspace to chuck in Battlefront at this point.

Also — I need to finish Metal Gear Solid V. Goddamn.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I’m playing Fallout 4. THE END.

    OK, then I guess you won't mind if I run off with your ZX Spectrum for the weekend, :-P.


    Jokes aside, if work allows I might finally finish Star Ocean 4 on the XBox 360. Like others I get games far faster than I finish them.

    I'll be playing settlements.. wait I mean Fallout 4 :P

      Ahahaha so true. I just keep telling myself it's in aid of the rest if the game, but it's not. I'm nesting. In the apocalypse.

        My first settlement is massively complex, ringed by metal walls with a decentralised electrical network and surrounded by turrets. It is the only one that hasn't been attacked yet.

          Hahahaha nice. Trying to evenl spred across allnof them, and link the supply lines, but it's anain in tue arse finding pare person in Sanctuary. Need to recruit more.

      Ive spent so much time on the first settlement and I am now starting to realise just how many of them there are...

    Will be juggling Fallout 4 and Battlefront. As GMG was an epic fail and I had to request a refund on Battlefront after they ran out of codes before they filled my pre order, I've only just downloaded it last night (paid full price off Origin :() So I'll start there, but dammit my settlements need me!

    Rocket League, Soul Calibur 2, and possibly some more Fallout 4.

    Working through the old Starcraft 2 campaigns again. I haven't bought Legacy of the Void and I'd probably grind through some co-op games of that instead (and still will if given the chance) but Wings of Liberty will do in the mean time.

    I need to do some painting of models for my brother, he's planning on visiting on Sunday and I've been slack in doing it.

    I've started and made a lot of progress through Child of Light. A really good game, one of the best turn based games I've played. Has had some of the best boss battles. There were turns I was just defending, which is huge since in most RPG games, defending does nothing.

    Maybe I'll get back into Witcher 3 or look into some backlog games.

    Need to do some finishing touches for Iron Kingdoms as we're about to finish the current season for this story.

      Playing on Vita? I recently played it and found it to be very charming but the combat got to me after a while. I was playing on Hard difficulty, but apart from a couple of boss fights it was all cake. The ability to speed up and slow down combatants and the interrupt system made things fairly easy, plus I fed all of my upgrades into the main character, turning her into a powerhouse! That little dwarf wizard is the tits as well!

    Just finished Game of Thrones Episode 6...I really can't understand why this Telltale series hasn't garnered more attention. Sure, it's buggy as all hell (what's new, Telltale?) but the narrative is superb.

      Yeah, i've saved the last 2 eps. Looking forward to knocking them over soon.

        The last two were especially good. Caught me off guard a few times, narrative-wise.


        Yep I've done the same, have only played thru to the end of ep 4. it's been a cracking story so far, just as brutal and unflinching as the show and books.

      Love Game of Thrones and my fav game to play 'in between' other games or if I have a spare hour before bed. Also great if mates and I have just finished a big Destiny sesh and I feel like a chill.

      Agreed that the narrative is excellent and I've said to my mates it really helps during the enforced break between the TV show/book coming out. If you're a fan of the show/books like me, I reckon you'll absolutely love the game.

      Will hopefully start ep 6 some time next week. Maybe. (Fallout)

        Absolutely. Now the glacial wait til April starts...

      Oh my gosh that last episode was fantastic and left it open to a sequel/dlc.

    Last weekend, I said that I was going to try and finish Lords of the Fallen. I failed. But now, I have a save file just before the end boss. Pretty sure I can find the time to close it out from there. Probably.

    Also, my son discovered that there are new levels in Super Mario Maker that award costumes when you beat them. So I will be beating them to get the rewards, and he will then make levels with as many mushrooms as is humanly possible, each with a different costume, then I will be playing them all.

    Fallout 4. Cardio. Housework. Fallout 4. Time with my daughter. Fallout 4.

    FALLOUT 4!

    Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider mostly.

      Ditto with an energy drink on hand if I get tired

        Here, use this. I don't need it anymore.

        [Hands @adamantium_nz my old caffeine IV drip from my PhD days, sporting a dial that goes to eleven ... hundred.]

        Last edited 20/11/15 12:54 pm

    Looking at finally finishing painting a box of Dire Avengers I started four years ago. I want to wait until after I've got the new apartment out of the way before I lay into Fallout 4 so I might just stick with Tomb Raider's challenge mode and Magic Origins.

      These Dire Avengers? http://s5.photobucket.com/user/Cyclops777/media/4%20SALE-TRADE/Wargames%20Minis/7-09172-1.jpg.html

      I've got a couple of boxes of those. I love them (but haven't assembled or painted them yet).

        Yep. Mine have been without heads and arms for too long. By Monday morning they will be completed, ready to resume their thousand year slumber in a box at the bottom of my closet.

    Just watched 2 endings in Fallout 4, will probably watch a third & then more Fallout 4

    A bit of Disgaea 5 but mostly continuing a BBI only run in DD: Dark Arisen (Only do BBI content from the moment it unlocks). Outside of that there'll be a smattering of Vagrant Story and Crimson Shroud.

    I'll probably try to squeeze some Fallout 4 in between playing Fallout 4 and Fallout 4.

    You need to finish MGSV... I still need to finish the Witcher 3!!! Had to move on to Fallout though

    Star Wars: Battlefront (when it finally decides to show up).

    Battlefront for me! Played a bit last night and was loving it despite some issues with getting stuck on stuff.

    Hearthstone for me mostly. The new adventure has been excellent fun, and though I thought the game would cease its hold on me after 2 years, it's grip is as strong as the day I started playing. Utterly addictive.

    Destiny as well, however I've reached 291 light on my Titan, and at this point is either Crucible (which I've spent little time with and I suck terribly at), or actually finding some people to play with to attempt some of the harder activities. I think I'm ready for the raid at this point? Not sure, I have little guidance cause no friends who play!

    rise of the tomb raider. I think my girlfriends visiting her parents this weekend so I might try and marathon through it so I can start on fallout 4 next week. So far tomb raiders been pretty good! The shooting mechanics feel a bit odd though, real slow and clumsy for guns but the bow feels really easy and smooth to aim with.

      It's all about the bow and stealth kills. It gets a tad too easy when you've got the three lock-on headshot skill upgrade, but it's still fun.

    *walks in*

    "This weekend I will mostly be playing Fallout 4."

    *walks out*

    A combination of Battlefront and MGSV for me. I still have Witcher 3: Heart of Stone to get through, but Battlefront is all new and shiny and sounds like thermal imploders.

    Fallout 4 is sitting wrapped and ready as a festive gift. Perhaps they'll be a few patches between now and then to iron out some of the bigger issues.

    It will be about a 70-30 split between Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront. But the main quest of Witcher 3 still needs my attention.

    I will be continuing along with Metal Gear Solid if I can get access to the TV. Otherwise I will be sticking with my 3DS and just continue on with Ocarina of Time.
    I am in a real JRPG mood and was looking for something good on the 3DS but couldn't really find much (already played Bravely Default :P)

      If you like first-person dungeon crawlers then I recommend Etrian Odyssey Untold. Crimson Shroud isn't a JRPG by nature (though it is developed by a Japanese company) but is a technical yet fun RPG. Both Shin Megami Tensei IV and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker are supposed to be good. I'm not sure about Conception II, your mileage may vary. Rune Factory 4 is supposed to be a good game too.

        Rune Factory is definitely good. I have played 50+ hours of that game.

    Anything less than 30 hours of Fallout this weekend and I've failed...

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