While We Wait For Fallout 4, Here's Fallout '84

While We Wait For Fallout 4, Here's Fallout '84

Passing some time before their November 10 trip to Boston, chiptune artists 8 Bit Weapon put together a art project to pay tribute to the upcoming sequel — a demo for Fallout '84 running on an Apple IIc.

With a name like 8 Bit Weapon, what else could they do? The prominent chiptune group (who appear in just about every chiptune compilation ever compiled) compiled themselves a team of techie folks to put together the following tribute using the Outlaw Editor.

What you're seeing is running on an Apple II. What you're hearing (other than the people talking) was added after the fact. It's a pretty damn impressive tribute to the post-apocalyptic franchise, as well as an excellent way to ensure people know who 8 Bit Weapon is.


    Impressive! I have no Apple II, but it reminds me good old days when playing games on DOS. Thanks.

    That movement system is way more sophisticated than anything I remember from 84. That would have been awesome back in the day!

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