Tasmanian Devs Meet Their Kickstarter Goal With Less Than Two Days Left

Tasmanian Devs Meet Their Kickstarter Goal With Less Than Two Days Left

It was looking tight for a while, but the Tasmanian studio behind Party Golf will be able to fully realise their vision for the co-operative golfer after squeaking over the line with 39 hours to go.

The goal of $14,000 wasn’t a large one by Kickstarter standards and it wasn’t even a large one by Australian standards. But going to the public to raise funds can be a difficult proposition, and it was always going to be interesting to see how Giant Margaarita fared after a reasonable showing at PAX Australia this year.

They were showing Party Golf, a four player game where players simultaneously try to get in the hole first. It’s a physics-based game and you can try out the demo on PC now by heading to the Kickstarter page, although I imagine you’ll also be able to get it from Steam before too long now that the Tasmanian devs have squeaked over the line.

What’s incredibly interesting, mind you, is the fact that Giant Margarita has hit their $14,000 goal from — at the time of writing — 248 backers, resulting in a pretty high average pledge per backer.

It’s just over $57 per backer on average, which is interesting given that 180 backers jumped in at the $10, $15 and $25 levels. If all 180 of those had put in $25 — and I know I’m simplifying this a great deal — that would have only amounted to $4500, well under half of the final goal.

Only 27 backers supported the game with pledges between the $50 and $90 tiers, meaning that the success of the project seems largely tied to the 5 backers who invested $500+, the one person who pledged $499 and the 10 others who stumped up for the $200 or more tier.

Regardless of how the money came in, it’s nice to see some positive waves flow to the development scene in Hobart. Giant Margarita hopes to have the full PC build and the PS4 version of the game out by June next year, which would be a sweet time of year to launch (although July isn’t too bad for indies either).


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