World Of Warcraft: Legion’s New Druid Forms Look Gorgeous

World Of Warcraft: Legion’s New Druid Forms Look Gorgeous
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That bear form with the rocks alone makes it worth maining a Druid and being a tank in Legion. Now with the expansion’s first public build online, we finally get a glimpse of some of the Druid’s new animal forms.

These forms will change accordingly when using Artifact Weapons. And man, there’ll be tons of Artifact Weapons in-game. Some of the models were shown already during Blizzcon, but not the Bear forms. Here are some highlights, and here’s the rest (via r/wow).

MMO-Champion has a short clip showing the animated models.


  • Man, so up in the air on whether I want to jump in on this xpack or not.
    WoD wasn’t perfect but I had fun for a while. But a lot of negativity going around about Legion.

    • Oh? I hadn’t heard any… what’s there to complain about? Everything I’ve seen looks frickin’ awesome. The class halls, artifact weapons, demon hunters, wardrobe…

      • There’s always people complaining. Just the usual bitching I suspect. Hell, just with artefacts there’s probably people saying mass welfare weapons, diluting their lore importance, dumbing down the game.

      • Class halls = garrisons version 2
        artficats = Lazy game design. Let’s not design new weapons but just hand out free legendaries for the 12 year old cry babies.
        demon hunters = lore butchery and gimmick.
        wardrobe = yep because transmog just doesn’t cut it right?

        • Heh. Those are the best complaints the whiners are coming up with? So basically no real legit complaints then. Excellent. Should be a good expansion.

          • Pretty much. WoD had some great ideas, just didn’t have the greatest longevity. This looks to really be making some changes we’ve all needed and wanted for a long time. The class overhauls look amazing at this point. Biggest changes they’ve made for a long time.

            They could give everyone a million gold, enough content to last another 10 years, a classy dinner for your whole family paid for by Mike Morhaime himself and people would still complain.

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