World Of Warcraft's Expansion Is Coming This Winter

Briefly: World of Warcraft's next big expansion, Legion, is coming out this coming winter (America's summer), Blizzard confirmed today at Blizzcon. Also Illidan Stormrage is coming back! Are you PREPARED? I'm not.


    So... June? July? Thats still another 6-7 months of HFC with no new Content. I am a little disappointed.

    The new systems they're introducing for Legion look really interesting. The new event system looks quite similar to Diablo 3's adventure mode, which is great. Can't wait to try it out!

      its been lifted straight from reaper of souls along with the new challenge mode system which i really really really like as i absolutely hate the current style of challenge mode but making your gear meaning less (no set bonuses , stats like leech, gem slots or warforge procs, hell not even the legendary ring ands varients work)

    I'm excited, but annoyed it's 10 months away with no new raid content being introduced into the current WoD expansion in the meantime. It's Siege of Orgrimmar all over again. :(

    10 months left of Hellfire Citidel... Eh

      well you dont have to stay subbed for those 10months. just do what most people do now, sub for a month or two each patch/expansion launch to get geared/complete content then let it run out.

      thats why the subs are dropping and why sub numbers are nolonger going to be reported

    Time to bring it over to a non mmo game, Blizztivision. Blizzion? Whatevs.

    I'm pretty disappointed with the current ActiBlizzard offerings. They are running an excellent business model, but an innovative gaming company? Not so much...

    Times change. I may have grown out of World of Warcraft, but one thing that never dies is those great Blizzard cinematic introductions. This years Legion intro was nothing short of spectacular. Still love them to death.

    Whee! Looking forward to playing most of the soloable content, small group content, then reaching that point where you have to raid to continue to grow in power, then un-sub again because fuck raiding.

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