Yes, Fallout 4 As Successful For Bethesda As You Think It Is

There's little doubt the release of Fallout 4 was the gaming launch of the month — and arguably the year — and the anticipation has been reflected in the numbers. According to developer Bethesda, the first person RPG generated "record sales" across all three major platforms.

Now, it's easy to misinterpret the numbers when companies announce these sorts of things. For instance, the press release states that "approximately 12 million units" were launched "worldwide", adding up to "sales in excess of $US750 million". The wording however makes it clear these are retail boxes, despite muddling the issue a bit by mentioning digital Xbox One sales in the same paragraph.

Before you ask, yes, Steam is talked about in the very next paragraph — it's the "number one game played", with close to half a million concurrent users — a record for the platform. While there's no specific values forthcoming from Bethesda, SteamSpy provides a rough count of 1.6 million owners, give or take 30,000 or so.

Anywho, it's sufficient to say the game has sold well, despite negative comments about graphics and frame rate before release. Seems we can't get enough of the wasteland.



    The bugs in Fallout is so miniscule that it is literally the same as playing any other game. Literally the same statistics where the complaints are from the 0.01% of the players.

    No game breaking bug, no progress blocking issue. Even lesser bug than F3 and F:NV but haters gotta hate

      Agreed. So far I've had much less bugs than any other Bethesda game and nothing game breaking. I'll be playing this for years.

        One thing I can't believe is people are complaining any new feature that they try to implement like the new chat system, crafting etc. Do they really expect the game to be a reskinned fallout 3? If it was just fallout 3 with new graphics then they will complain that Bethesda is lazy and Fallout 4 is just a reskinned Fallout 3. Comes the stupid idea that wait for modders to mod fallout 4 into fallout 3.

        Literally every single issue right now. "Wait for modders to fix the game". The game is not broken, what they want is modders to create mods that make their life easier, game is never broken to begin with.

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            I think he means how the player interacts with NPC's, before you chose dialogue now it's a type of response where you use the directional arrows on the keyboard for PC.

          My issue has been the dumbing down of the healing system. Now it's a generic 'stimpak heals all' thing. Whereas previously, if you got a broken leg, you had to attend to *that leg*. Now, broken leg, arm and head? One stimpak fixes them *all*. Previously, if you had say, two stimpaks, you had to make the judgement call, do I need to fix one leg and my head to get better aim to ensure my safety, or both legs and have crap aim and affected vision to get to town faster to heal etc... it's definitely removed an element of strategy. I love FO4 but it's definitely suffered from an element of becoming generic. It doesn't have to be a 'reskinned fallout 3', but what it shouldn't be, is a watered down Fallout experience, by all means do things differently, but don't do things at a watered down level. Fallout has always been about the complex details, the complex options and the intricacy of everything, not the genericness. BUT that being said I do agree, I've had barely any bugs so far in comparison to say, my experiences with Skyrim where it was so bad it almost needed pest control.

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            If I could choose for them to change one gameplay element, it might actually be the stimpack usage. I spent ages in the menu thinking "Wait, I don't want to waste a stimpack on healing all the limbs a little! I have a broken arm!"

              I just try and collect as much meat/food as possible now and have big cookups :) Food is SO much better in this iteration.

            That's weird, I feel like they've actually expanded it a fair bit. There's individual location based armour now which adds a decent chunk of complexity and plus a stimpak is an injection into your blood stream so it makes sense that it affects you as a whole.

            Compared to a modded Fallout it's not so expansive but compared to vanilla New Vegas and FO3 it's pretty in depth. Mods will add even more to that so I'm not the least bit concerned.

            Edit: The main area that's been watered down is weapon durability, but I always found that to be an annoying mechanic anyway, and they've heavily increased the depth by adding a very comprehensive weapon modification system which is almost intimidatingly complicated.

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              The location armour is cool but that's armour, not healing. Healing itself has most definitely been streamlined, or dumbed down. It's fine to inject stimpaks, but injecting them into the affected area to heal *that* area would've been far more challenging rather than a 1 stimpak fixes all approach.

                Fair enough. I played a little more yesterday and I agree that it is slightly annoying to not be able to restore an injured limb to full condition by treating it individually but I think as a whole the game's been thoroughly broadened in scope and depth. Mods will fix the rest.

      My complaints have mostly been technical rather than gameplay related.

      I don't think its entitled of me to want to be able to change my field of view without having to mess about with ini files in 2015 or even to expect to be able to use all 144hz of the monitor that I paid good money for.

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        I changed the FOV and it made the pip boy unusable. My options aremotion sickness, or broken menus.

        And the keyboard bindings! What were they thinking?

          Why so much R? Why not just double click what you want to scrap?

          You could use the pip boy app to get around that? It's free

            If I could get it to sync, maybe. But that means I don't get a proper in game menu. No pausing the game when I want to do inventory management.

        I ended up leaving the frame limit at 60fps, the physics are tied to framerate, you crank the framerate and the physics go full retard.

      Playing on PC. Very few bugs so far. I'm about 12 hours in and it's been bizarrely stable and finished for a Bethesda title.

      Someone needs to patch some goddamn options into the PC version, but it's stable.


      My worst problems were the graphics stuttering but restarting the game fixed that. Also the Steam overlay seems to make the tab key in game stop working sometimes & sometimes subtitles don't show, but none of it is game breaking and I can deal with it.

      Obviously have not done the "Confidence Man" quest yet. Broken for everyone on all platforms as far as i have read.

        Completed it today, ps4 with 1.01 patch and didnt have a single issue. But im avoiding elevators like the plague if thats what broke and just walked out the front door instead of using the elevator to leave

    It's absolutely successful, unless you believe all the teenaged angst steam reviews bitching about how Bethesda "HAZ COMPLEETLEE ROOINNED THA FALLOUTS!! WAH!!" which often appears after Bethesda releases a game.

      As a twenty-five year old who grew up playing Fallout and Fallout 2 (still replay every year or so), I have no issue with what Bethesda have done with the series. I do, however, cringe when people claim to be massive fans of the series but have never played the original two.

        What, because you can't be a latecomer to a game series and be a big fan of what they're doing with it now?

        The first two had a completely different playstyle, they're a different genre of games. Very easy to not like those but be a fan of FO3 onwards.

          Absolutely, you can. It's just beyond my ability to comprehend how people can dislike the originals or simply never give them a chance, so I cringe.

    My only complaint is the immersion breaking voice acting from my character.

    WTB mod to to turn it off.

      Voice acting is stellar. Am impressed. Am stoked.

        Yeah no, it's pretty bad and extremely generic. I want to play as a grim survivor of the apocolypse, instead I sound like some happy go lucky college dude who rocked up late to a party.

          I guess everything is relative. It's no Mass Effect or Last Of Us, but it's definitely several steps forward from Skyrim.

          I have not had that impression at all. He's sounded genuinely morose when he has had to, but also just dandy when he is a-ok.
          You know that he has no "grim survivor" complex because he skipped the whole apocalypse, right? He's as alien to it all as an actual alien. Maybe even more so.

            I guess its more that I wanted it to be my character, but that choice is taken away from me. Something I didnt expect going into a Bethesda game.

    I don't think I've experienced a bug at all so far, my only complaints (and they're not altering my overly positive opinion of the game) are:
    1> Me buying a physical copy, and getting 5gig of a 25gig game, a mere 20% isn't a 'anti-piracy' measures, it's a "let's save a few cents by not including multiple dvd's" measure, and is an exceptionally poor effort.
    2> Controls during crafting are weird, and like the buttons where chosen at random.

      Fucking right?! I couldn't play until the next day, even though I'd started installing at 10am.

    But I thought Evolve was the most played game on steam?
    Oh wait.

    Love it. No real issues. Failed to go back to first person once until I fast travelled. Screwed up a few subtitles. Items got stuck in walls. Given previous Bethesda releases, I feel they've improved immensely.

    Besides, this is Fallout. Did anyone play Fallout 2 before the final patch? Could barely get past Aroyo without breaking the game and corrupting the save file!

    I can't believe the whining about this game, buy it, tell your friends to buy it and pay no attention to the fedoras and their first world sooking. Its okay to point out flaws but when that's half of a review its utter bullshit. If i didnt know better I would be thinking Fallout is riddled with game breaking bugs and frame rate drops so bad it's hard to enjoy or play. What a crock of shit. I hope Bethesda actually ignores the minor critiques and celebrates its sucess because they deserve it! Having played all the elder scrolls since morrowind, plus fallout 3 and new vegas I can say this release is the most polished. Dont wait for the patches or mods, you could die tomorrow and miss out on an experience you'll never forget.

    Complaining about Fallout 4 is the same as liking Kyle Sandilands. There is NO difference between the two.

    When they said Fallout 4 would have mod support, I kinda got a little worried, thinking that bethesda wouldn't try as hard to squash bugs and simply leave it up to the gaming community to mod it out.

    I have but one complaint about it so far.... My copy still hasn't arrived!

    Yep no bugs or problems whatsoever for me on PC. Having a great time.

    I only started yesterday arvo so I'm sitting here resenting work mightily. I just want to be at home playing ...(shall not get into the semantics of work being the only reason I can afford to play in the first place)

    Such is life...

    My main complaint is that they seem to have omitted hardcore mode. Hopefully all that and more should be released in mod form.

    My other complaints are: Lack of graphics customization from in game (This was a bit of a wft? moment for me) and Mama Murphy's voice actress is god awful!

    Otherwise, I love what they've done with the game. Everything feels so much smoother and natural and the gunplay is amazingly well done.

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