You Can Drive Speeder Bikes Through Bunkers In Star Wars: Battlefront

Well, I know what I'm doing tonight now.

If you're playing on PC or using a VPN, good news: you can start downloading Star Wars: Battlefront straight away. You'll be able to play once it finishes, although you can also play while it's downloading if you want to work through some of the single-player content.

But what people really want to get into is the main multiplayer modes, such as the push-and-pull, Conquest-style Supremacy, and Walker Assault which everyone became accustomed to in the beta.

I'm really looking forward to racing around Endor, since the footage of the forest and foliage looks absolutely spectacular. But as it turns out, there's one other neat thing you can do on Endor: you can drive the speeders right through the bunkers, as this video shows.

Who wants to put bets on how long it'll be for organised players start camping out the bunkers with the speeder bikes? Or just flying through and running opponents down, which actually sounds amazing.


    or just use ea access on xbox one and have been playing it for the last week...

      I'd rather not play an FPS on an Xbox One, have my game time limited to 10 hours or the resolution capped at 720p.

        Isn't the 10hour cap only for the trials?

        Either way, bit of a pc master race-esque comment.

          The 10 hour cap is the limit across all of EA Access, although if you purchase the game your progress carries over when it unlocks (19th for consoles). And you're not entirely wrong there, although that's more to do with my background as a gamer than the platform specifically (CS/Day of Defeat etc.)

            Ah ok and yeah fair enough. I grew up on my PC with CS and Warcraft but these days I much prefer the comfort and ease of console gaming. Each to their own!

    How does one go about getting a vpn to work with their console?

    That's gonna f*ck off a lot of people. I see a week 1 patch coming in to put up an invisible wall in front of bunkers that blocks vehicles.

      No it won't. The number of people who actually do this will be a very low, and judging by the footage above, it isn't easy to pilot those things in narrow spaces, so I doubt it'd be worth doing that for kills..... So why would you even bother?

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