You Can Fly Across Australia And New Zealand In Flight Simulator X Now

You Can Fly Across Australia And New Zealand In Flight Simulator X Now

It’s not the cheapest DLC on the market, but if you’re one of those who still enjoy the contemplative sights and sounds of soaring through the air at hundreds of kilometres an hour, surveying the scenery below, then this might be one of the biggest releases of the month.

The Steam edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator got a surprise addition this week — Australia and New Zealand. “Australia and New Zealand have much to offer pilots, from spectacular coastlines to a wild and rugged interior,” the developers said on the Steam page.

“Discover Australia and New Zealand includes the Auster J/1 Autocrat aircraft which will take you over Australia and New Zealand’s most notable landmarks and introduce you to some great flying. The missions have been designed to enable you to fly any aircraft you choose, so you can replace the Auster with the aircraft of your choice.”

Budding pilots, who will have to stump up $23.82 (at the time of writing) for the privilege of touring our skies and shores, have been advised to watch for kangaroos on landing.


  • Maybe it’s massively improved scenery in this DLC but I’m pretty sure I landed a chopper in the MCG in FSX Gold edition several years ago… Most of Melbourne was horribly modelled but there were a few landmarks.

    • That is the idea I think. You can already fly around NZ and Aussie, but this improves the details a lot.

      I will wait for a sale before picking it up myself. If it ever goes on sale that is.

    • Yeah it would be. I used to use FSX in my early training days and YRED/YBBN were terrible. Virturally without texture, just matte finish. If they uprezzed it and textured the WHOLE CONTINENT to be relatively realistic, that seems pretty cheap. That is IF they did a good job of the whole country and not just Uluru etc

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