10 Ridiculous Things That Can Actually Happen In Fallout 4

10 Ridiculous Things That Can Actually Happen In Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a pretty absurd game, on the whole. One moment you might become a comic book hero, the next you might go on a quest for a long-lost drinking buddy robot. That’s just the stuff on the surface. Things can get even stranger, if you look in the right places.

Fallout 4 seems to have a variety of different random events, special encounters, and unique dialogue — all of which you may never see even if you pour dozens of hours into the game, as they don’t exist as quests or marked locations. Here are some of the more outlandish things that Bethesda has hidden within Fallout 4.


The Preston Garvey Impersonator

This guy isn’t a synth, as you can see when FluffyNinjaLlama loots the impersonator’s body. This, of course, only makes things weirder. And I love how Preston doesn’t even react to it if he’s with you, either!

Synths, Attempting To Murder Their Human Counterpart

I wonder how many “kidnappings” in the Commonwealth were actually brutal showdowns between a human and their clone? A chilling thought, spurred by this clip uploaded by John Souders.

The Clueless Robot

I feel bad for this Mr Gutsy. He was just doing his job! (Source: Sangrin Dunkaroonie)

The Brahmin Synth

What is wrong with the Institute, honestly? What’s the point of this? What’s the point of any of it!? (Source: funkacola)

The Scam Artist

Well, I will give it to this guy. It’s not a terrible idea.

Deathclaw Dialogue

I was too terrified to get this close to the Deathclaw in this mission. But, according to this footage by FluffyNinjaLlama, there is actually unique Deathclaw dialogue!

The Threesome Offer

Piper just had to be the Ashley Williams of Fallout 4, didn’t she? (Source: FluffyNinjaLlama).

The BioShock Nod

A little girl, travelling all alone in the wasteland…well, except for her giant murder robot. Oh, and she’s a shopkeeper, too! (Source: Dastardlydeviant)

The Sandwich Debate

Oh, not this shit again. (Source: Minister Of Hygiene)

Manta Man

Get a load of this guy. I hear you get special dialogue if you encounter Manta Man while dressed as the Silver Shroud, too. (Source: Binocular Goose)

I’m curious: what’s the most absurd thing you’ve encountered in Fallout 4 thus far?

(Top image:OfficialDuckStudios)


  • Getting served by the robot butler at the model robot town where you are the main course. I forget the name. I expected it for some reason so saved before going in and sitting down.

    • You mean the General Atomics Galleria? only scavenged the place myself didn’t much bother with conversation might go back and check that out.

      • Yeah that’s the one. If you go into the diner and talk to the bot behind the counter and then follow him and sit down. it’s quite hilarious.

      • For me at GAG, there was a cafe that had a gas leak, and the robot server offering to make coffee thats brewed at HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of degrees Knew where that was going and made dogmeat stay outside before agreeing, then running the eff out of the cafe before it exploded

    • Came across this last night, sat down and got up while he taking my order. The butler said it was rude to leave during dinner and turned hostile 😀

  • I ran into the Preston impersonator just last night. Was wandering over towards Nordhagen Beach and saw a familiar swagger in the figure walking towards me with a laser musket. I notified my wife, as I was convinced I had just hit the mother of all glitches, since I’m about 20 hours into this playthrough and have done extensive work for the minute men. Even better, it turned out to be someone who doesn’t look or sound anything like Preston hitting me up for caps.
    I informed him I’m the general of the minute men, at which point he ran into the nearby ocean.

      • I was awfully tempted to shoot him but I figured he probably didn’t have anything worthwhile enough to shoot a man in the back.

        • I found him near College Square. I wasn’t sure whether to shoot him or not so I chased him until he accidently ran into a land mine. From memory, he didn’t have much, I think the laser musket was the most valuable item.

  • I’ve come across a few of these (Preston impersonator, scam artist) and thought they added a nice immersive touch to the game

  • Does anyone know if this game supports 21:9 ratio yet (without stretching the HUD or text)? I want to play it, I don’t want things stretching or black bars on the side.

  • Buttface the injured mutt. Kinda useless but being able to name her Buttface (there are other options but fuck em cuz they are not Buttface) made my day.

  • I keep coming across this dude called Art who is battling his synth counterpart. I’ve killed one or the other, or both, quite a few times now :\

  • While heading for the alien ship i blundered into 2 dueling death claws. Seeing the victor killed by a bloatfly almost immediately after made me laugh.

    I’ve encountered the little girl with the giant robot, but i’m only 30 hours in and haven’t even headed to diamond city yet so the weirdness has been kinda limited.

  • Clearing out ghouls in the national guard training ground is creepy enough without a single cardboard box suddenly flying across the room spinning and rattling ,bouncing of the walls and refusing to stop,pure poltergiest.

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