A Damn Good Concept For Animal Crossing Wii U

A Damn Good Concept For Animal Crossing Wii U

For whatever reason, there hasn’t been a proper Animal Crossing game on the Wii U yet. If there was, though, it could look a lot worse than this effort by TheBitBlock.

Be sure to skip past the intro; this is a lot more involved than some guy talking into a camera about his hopes and dreams. There are full-blown animated mock-ups of the stuff he’s imagined, like hot air balloons that are used to visit your friend’s towns and extensive use of the Wii U touchscreen to handle your inventory and design stuff.

Then there’s the stationery, the item design, the stickers, the visual upgrades…it’s not just stuff that sounds good as a fan checklist, but makes practical sense and seems like it could also have come from Nintendo themselves.

Especially the Pokemon balloons and Splatoon stickers. That’s very Nintendo circa 2015.


  • Kudos to this guy but Animal Crossing is best on a hand held. I was first in line for the Wii game but never played it. So much of the game is just doing chores like weeding, watering flowers etc, perfect to pick up and play on the train on the way to work.

    • Was thinking the same thing. The concept is amazing and I would love to play an AC game with “dem graphix”, but after playing each of the Animal Crossing games, handheld is really the best place for it to be.

    • I’d love this as a console. It would be a perfect digital purpose. You could have whatever ‘main’ game you are working on in the drive and then switch out for a little of this to calm down at the end of the day.

  • I would love to know how he did all of that, because this is the best illustrated work I’ve ever seen on youtube.

  • I think animal crossing on wii u might be more easer than on ds or old wii
    Beaches with the tablet it problem be easier to draw your own designs with the ds or wii it’s easy to make mistakes 1. On wii your drawing with a remote and 2 with a ds it’s hard to design patten while in a car but slighty easy siting still. But I just love the ideas josh from bit block gives on that vidio

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