A New Don Bradman Cricket Game Is Coming Next Year

For fans of cricket games it had been a very lean decade or so until a decent title had come around. Fortunately, there was enough bones on the meat of Don Bradman Cricket 14 to satiate tragics like myself.

But, as it turns out, there's even more meat coming in the new year.

Big Ant Studios, makers of the cricket game and this year's Rugby League Live 3, confirmed via Twitter before the holiday break kicked off that a sequel to Don Bradman Cricket 14 would be coming in 2016.

The studio wasn't able to confirm many details, although they confirmed the game would be coming to PC as well as the next-gen consoles. That's welcome news given that Ross Symons, the chief executive of Big Ant, has already publicly said that the profitability of the PC as a platform is effectively naught for them.

"It takes a great deal of effort for us to convince publishers that PC is worth doing for any sports game, and that conversation is more to do with the ability to have Beta branches and test new features than anything to do with income," Symons posted earlier this year on the Big Ant forums. "If I argued on income then the PC versions of any of our games would not exist."

One vaunted focus for the next Don Bradman game will be the presentation, with many drawing comparisons between DBC 14 and the EA Sports games of the naughties upon the former's release. The Don Bradman sequel will also launch in the second half of next year, following messaging from Big Ant on Twitter.


    i really really hope that the ACB and ICC finally let BIg Ant be the offical developers for Cricket games

    Have they dropped the price of 2014 yet? I've been wanting to play it but not too keen on the original $80 price tag


    If you want it on PC, $45 is about as good as it gets

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    Not exactly new. Was covered a week ago by another website. http://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/news/new-don-bradman-cricket-game-for-pc-ps4-and-xbox-one-confirmed-780685

    Hope they flesh it out more. The first game was a great start but still lacks some basic features for a realistic career mode.

      @outbreak A far, far deeper and involved career mode is a major focus for us in the sequel.

        I'm so happy to read that Ross!! You guys did a great job on the first one. Is there any plans to make a more streamlined/cleaner process for modding the game? I loved the mods the community made and think their an integral part of the games success. Cheers.

          Sorry I didn't see this until now - The "mods" will be a big part of the next DBC, and they will be available to Console too :)

    The reason the game isn't selling on PC is because it's too damned expensive, i understand they need to recoup their losses but by making it too expensive, there have been lots of shitty cricket games in the past so people do not want to shell out their bucks for another potential "shitty cricket game"*

    They need to cash in on steam sales, bring their game to the front of the store at a reasonable price and you will get some of the impulse buys.

    Not in December, it was already confirmed in August 2015.

    However, I'm really excited to see how to cope up with ICC T20 World Cup. DBC14 was a great success.

    Will it also be on ps3 don bradmon cricket 16??

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