A New Way To Play Street Fighter With The Steam Controller

A New Way To Play Street Fighter With The Steam Controller

Street Fighter is a game of precise input and output — a delicate tightrope walk of fistic physicality. Hacked together Steam controller motion controls? Maybe not the best idea. And yet...

On a whim, ConstableBento took a crack at a motion-centric Ultra Street Fighter IV control scheme that — among other things — replaces the joystick with movement of the controller, and it looks pretty fun. It actually seems decently functional too, albeit probably not for high-level play.

Pulling off ultras by frantically flailing in a sort of tornado motion? Sure, I'm on board. I also really dig the idea of physically enacting the classic hadouken directional button combo for some reason. What a time to be alive, this here two-thousand-and-fifteen ayy-deeh.

You can grab the control scheme here, if you want to try it yourself. I can't wait to see this become a new way of adding insult to injury in high stakes matches. "I don't need an arcade stick to trounce this loser. I'll beat them down ... with motion controls."


    I can see me just ending up throwing the controller while trying to pull off combos.

      Or snapping the controller in half for an ultra hadouken

    Reminds me of the wii DBZ games, but with a decent fighter underneath.

    Forget this!
    Just use your mouth like BrolyLegs.

    Total Gun Chun li player

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