A Reminder That Bloodborne Is Still Beautiful

A Reminder That Bloodborne Is Still Beautiful

It’s human nature. When it comes time to talk game of the year we very rarely think back to the first six months of the calendar. The release schedule tends to be November heavy, so it’s easy to forget.

Consider this a timely reminder of how gorgeous Bloodborne was.

These panorama shots were taken by Reddit user XD0013812 and I am in love with them.

I’ve always felt this way about From Software games: you may argue their games don’t look as good as other, don’t perform as well, but it’s difficult to deny the breadth of detail — that commitment to detail. It’s evident in the art, which manages to borrow tropes, but subvert them and build upon them. Bloodborne in particular feels like a new interesting universe. Whereas the Souls games could be mistaken for generic high fantasy upon first glimpse, the towering Victorian architecture — the density of it, the claustrophobia — feels far more indentifiably original. I think that’s why I love the Bloodborne universe so much.

That’s just a few of the shots, head here to see more. These are some great shots.


  • I especially love how cinematic it is, it really takes it too the next step with area’s dropping well below 20 fps. And the loading times OMG, I can almost fit a movie in with each one, such a nice touch. They really have stepped up the cinematic experience.

    No, but really… It would want to look good for how bad it runs and how long it takes to load.

      • Lol, I’m just cut in not ever coming to pc… Good to see people taking it lightly. As I saw the notifcations I was expecting to be down voted and moderated.

        -salty pc guy

    • Well, the loading times are still shorter than games like Destiny in most cases, while having larger (Depending on perspective/ level), more dense areas. Bit hyperbole at this point TBH. Performance is also not THAT bad, especially for a From software game. There are definitely worse, like Just cause 3 to name a recent one.

      On a side note Kotaku, no report on the alleged glitch allowing people to get into the DLC without paying for it, supposedly leading to the extended emergency maintenance? (Edit: I could have just missed it tough)

      Regardless, I’d like to know if true. If it is, I really feel for From after releasing what is, IMO, one of the few good examples of what DLC should be.

    • What game are you even talking about? lol

      btw the loading times were patched, they barely exist now.

      also what areas are dropping below 20fps? Is that the Central Yharnam area where the big flamey pyre is that the beast is being immolated on with all the beastmen crowded around it? Cause yeah, the particles drop the frames a bit as you turn the corner, but it really highlights that a) this doesn’t happen anywhere else, and b) you’ve never gotten past central yharnam. git gud nub.

    • The pre patch load times actually made me upgrade to a 1TB hybrid drive. The FPS drops I’ve seen are mainly in co-op play. Despite it’s issues it’s still my GOTY.

  • Definitely my GOTY! I just love Bloodborne’s art direction, thinking of getting a Bloodborne tattoo.

  • Nice shots indeed and, agreed, it’s GOTY material.

    Yeah, there’s a few stutters here and there, but nothing too bad (certainly nothing like the infamous Blighttown in Dark Souls) .

    Currently playing Old Hunters (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b3WfkA93VI) with the Whirlygig Saw (love it!), and have been doing some of the last chalice dungeons to spec up and get last remaining trophies (don’t normally bother with such things, but Bloodborne’s like crack to me).

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