A Video Game Tour Of Star Wars Battlefront’s Newest Planet, Jakku

A Video Game Tour Of Star Wars Battlefront’s Newest Planet, Jakku

Star Wars: Battlefront‘s Battle of Jakku downloadable content is now live for preorder customers, giving Star Wars fans their first taste of The Force Awakens. As it turns out, it tastes a lot like Tatooine.

Remember when the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out and everybody was like, “Oh great, another sandy planet?” Jakku is more than just another sandy planet. It’s a sandy planet covered with garbage.

To be fair, it’s freshly-minted Imperial and Rebel garbage from the ongoing massive battle that serves as a bridge between the original trilogy and the new one. The sky over Jakku is filled with gigantic space cruisers shooting at each other, while on the ground we grunts do all the work.

There are two maps included in the Battle of Jakku DLC. Graveyard of Giants is the huge battlefield made for the game’s larger modes. That’s where you’ll see the downed Star Destroyer, though the map boundaries keep it forever out of reach. It looks lovely, especially from the sky in Fighter Squadron mode.

A Video Game Tour Of Star Wars Battlefront’s Newest Planet, Jakku

The second map, built for more intimate skirmishes, is the Goazan Badlands. It’s all canyons and caves, much like we’ve seen in other Battlefront planets, only with more junk.

A Video Game Tour Of Star Wars Battlefront’s Newest Planet, Jakku

Check out the video atop the post for a more in-depth (and death-filled) exploration of the Battle of Jakku downloadable content.

I didn’t see any big secrets or hints about what’s going to happen in The Force Awakens — the planet serves as a setting for the movie, but the events taking place happen shortly after Endor in Return of the Jedi. So there are no sleek new Stormtroopers or fresh new Jedi running about. Just us Rebel and Imperial guys on a different planet.

Anxious about playing the DLC but didn’t pre-order? I wouldn’t worry too much about missing anything. The sands a different colour and there’s stuff everywhere, but ultimately it’s more Battlefront. It will be out for everyone in a week, and a day later it will just be another couple of maps to play on.


  • Thanks to this map being a pre-order bonus until next week, I can’t get a game of any kind in Battlefront anymore. Theres only 8000 PC players currently playing and anyone who didn’t pre-order (me) gets stuck trying to be match made to the few servers not running this map.
    This game will be dead before Feb.

    • Unfortunately, Australian’s on PC are getting the raw prawn. You need to go with the population. It does seem fine on the PS4 which may not be much consolation.

    • Bought Battlefront from EB today. Took 1hr 30 to find a match. Gameplay sucked or i played with contempt due to the time it took to get a game, Dont care which one. Refunded

    • Perhaps on PC, but I think you underestimate the strength of the Star Wars name. People won’t stop playing. It’s star wars, and disney isn’t stupid enough to let the hype for star wars die down now they’ve got it going.
      They’ll have more Disney Infinite content, probably new Battlefront expansions, and who knows, perhaps more information on SW Ep8 by then. Sure, maybe the game is a little shallow, but you can’t say it doesn’t have huge support to keep it going.

      • There’s no denying Star Wars has a massive following and backing, but with only 159k players on Battlefront in the last 24hrs across all platforms http://swbstats.com/ and some very scathing reviews, DICE/EA wil need a massive ace up their sleeve to get more players to keep this game alive. Paid dlc is not that ace. Maybe sell the game at 50% off over xmas?

    • Kinda figured something like that would happen. I really wanted to boycott this game, for various reasons including this. But I’m such a big Star Wars fan, & the game looks really nice, so couldn’t resist. Anyway I hate that they have pre-order bonuses like uber DL-44 guns & early-access maps.

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