That Dragon, Cancer Will Be Released In January

Video: After a long and emotionally trying development process, That Dragon, Cancer comes out on January 12, delivering an interactive biographical portrait of a family’s fight against childhood cancer.


  • I can’t imagine going through the process of creating this, and not sure I will be able to play it, but I am so pleased that he has been able to get it finished.
    I hope it at least helped him get through, or make some sense of such a senseless thing to happen to his family.

    • Absolutely mate,
      I read the post and immediately welled up a little. I’d do anything for my young ones and things like this make me a sad panda.

  • Why do people keep giving their power away to cancer like this? This game and concepts like it are unnecessary melodrama that just help a scary concept become all the more terrifying.
    In my home, cancer is like the third person that shares a house with my wife and I. It sucks, but if we lived a “poor me” lifestyle based on fear, life would SUCK.
    We live in the future now. Cancer isn’t a dragon. It’s a hurdle. People need to stop milking the sympathy tit and accept the fact cancer is not terrifying unless you let it be. And things like this DEMAND you fear it.

    • To be fair, losing your child is more than a hurdle, there are few less terrifying things for a parent. Getting cancer is a lot different to losing a child to it, when that happens it is more than a dragon, and certainly qualifies as much more than a hurdle.

      I’ve had NHL myself, and played the bone-marrow, chemo and radiation and so far come through it, and sure it has since become something more like that uncle no-one likes, but watching your kid die… this is not really melodrama, this is a guy trying to work through something, that is essentially impossible to work through.
      I personally won’t play the game, plus the religion side of it would most likely just make me angry, but I am not going to argue with his method of coping/trying to make sense of it all.

      You deal with it your way, and that is cool, others will deal with it their way, and that is also cool.

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