Capcom Cup Runner Up Daigo Umehara Is Donating His Winnings

Briefly: After placing second at the Capcom Cup this year, Street Fighter superstar Daigo Umehara is donating his winnings ($US60,000) to NYU's Evo scholarship fund. Nice dude. Note: We incorrectly stated previously that Daigo Umehara won the Capcom Cup. This has been corrected.

Image via Mad Catz


    the fact he's smiling I call evil twin doppelganger with secret evil scheme

    On reading the actual link you provided it is his entire tournament winnings from the places he rated during the tour. He didn't win the cup. Cheers.
    And might I add, daigo is a bloody legend AND a nice guy :)
    For those not in the know he is the perpetrator of evo moment #37

    Last edited 23/12/15 1:56 am

    Yes a little too briefly, was this to be first with an exclusive?

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