An Early Look At World Of Warcraft: Legion’s Class Halls

An Early Look At World Of Warcraft: Legion’s Class Halls

Class Order halls — class-based areas where both factions can hang out — will be one of Legion‘s most exciting features. A few of these were shown already, but Legion’s latest alpha build has them all in-game. Let’s take a look and see how they represent all 11 (soon 12) classes of WoW.

As mentioned above, it’s an early alpha build of Legion, so things will probably change a lot during the coming months.


The paladin class hall was the earliest revealed one. It’s an amazing-looking giant hall, hidden beneath Light’s Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands.

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Druids will get a place called Dreamgrove in the heart of Val’Sharah, one of the new zones.

[pic via MMO-Champion]


Hunters have a special lodge in Highmountain with eagles and a hunter-only flight network.

[pic via Wowhead]


The warrior class hall is one of the best-looking ones. It’s a sort of Valhalla with an inner arena for battles.

[pic via MMO-Champion]


Rogues will gather beneath Dalaran in the Underbelly sewers (where else), and it will require lockpicking to enter. The place is full of small areas, including a giant vault.

[pic via Wowhead]


Mages also will be in Dalaran in an awesomely designed hall, similar to Violet Citadel.

[pic via Wowhead]


The Priest class hall will be Karabor. So get ready for some Draenei designs. It will have several wings for all specs.

[pic via MMO-Champion]


Shamans will get a hollowed-out cave overlooking the Maelstrom. Prepare for giant whirlpools and raging elements.

[pic via Song Zee]


The Warlock order hall will be a dark Burning Legion portal world, only accessibly for warlocks.

[pic via Song Zee]

Death Knights

The Death Knight hall is probably the most boring one. It’s the floating platform of Archerus, the same place where DK characters start.

[pic via MMO-Champion]


The Monk class hall just looks like a regular Pandaren building somewhere in Pandaria. Hopefully a lot of it is just placeholder.

[pic via Song Zee]

Demon Hunters

And finally the new guys, Demon Hunters. Their class hall is called Mardum, and it’s a fragment of the Burning Legion’s world. It has a similar look to the Warlock hall and Shadowmoon Valley in Outland.

[pic via Last Crusade]

Exciting! It will be refreshing to hang out in different areas with alts and not in the exact same Garrison.


  • hunters and rogues get trolled while everyone else gets awesome looking garrisons… I mean class halls.

    • But just look at the coin and gold ingot models they scattered around the sewer. Can you imagine how many fractions of hours that must have taken?

      • I like how their defence to all the sewer complaints was “don’t worry, just wait until you see it!!” Well I can see it… It looks pretty shit.

    • Neither hunter nor rogue class halls are finished yet, give it time. Personally I think the hunter’s lodge theme for the hunter hall is a great idea and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished version.

  • Rogues will gather beneath Dalaran in the Underbelly sewers (where else)Ravenholdt Manor?

    Priest and Warrior ones both look very cool though. Druid one does too but I still feel like they should’ve just updated Moonglade personally, Val’Sharah is rather nice though so not a big issue there 😛

    • Ravenholdt Manor was destroyed and the Ravenholdt faction was wiped out. It was never going to be an option.

  • This is something that should of happened about 10 years ago, I loved how Druids had their own little town, and quests to get each form. Rogues had the quest chain to learn lock picking and poison making… Class unique areas were always promised but never really delivered. Druids need the emerald dream!

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