And The Most Glitchy Just Cause 3 Item Award Goes To... The Pogo Stick

And The Most Glitchy Just Cause 3 Item Award Goes To... The Pogo Stick

Video: It's no surprise that the pogo stick is a hidden item in Just Cause 3, when you can casually bounce on someone's face with it and ascend to the stars at the same time. It's a powerful item (vehicle?) and YouTuber HelixSnake — famous for his silly Skate 3 videos — went on a crazy, glitchy rampage with it.


    i love physics glitches in games, makes it so much fun.

    My guess is they worked out the infinite jumping glitch we see at the start of the video, and hence made all the vehicles explode if you tried to pogo while grappled to a vehicle.

    I don't think they expected anyone to grapple to a person though, hence the glitch is still visible. That or it's very morbid and dark to have people exploding or having limbs falling off. That would likely change the censorship rating if they did.

    The pogo stick is meant to be more of a joke than a serious game play element. The game itself is very tongue in cheek. Early on one of the side characters refers to the magic grappling gun the main character has. :-S

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