Another League Of Legends Team Just Sold Its LCS Spot

Another League Of Legends Team Just Sold Its LCS Spot

It’s a regular theme these days: League of Legends goes into the off-season, teams die, and just before they fade off into the distance they pocket some money by selling off their spot in the League Championship Series.

Following in the steps of Dignitas and Elements, European team Gambit Gaming has sold their LCS position to Team Vitality. The latter, a French organisation, announced the purchase in English on their website recently, marking their first entrance into the League of Legends scene.

“For the first time, Vitality will expand its activities to the PC platform. For us there was no better choice than venturing into the game that has been growing eSport for several years now: League of Legends,” the team announced. “We have the pleasure to announce that Vitality acquired their spot for the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series), starting in January 2016 with the Spring Split. It’s with full force we make our entry on Riot Games’ MOBA and set foot in the most prestigious European eSports competition.”

To mark the occasion, the team has also produced a short spotlight on their latest roster pickup.

It’s a further reminder of just how much money there is in the scene that teams are prepared to purchase empty positions in the tier of LCS competition — and a mark of genius on Riot’s part that they’ve allowed these kinds of transfers to occur.

Nothing official has been mentioned on precisely how much Vitality paid for the position, but it’s unlikely to be anywhere near the almost-US$1 million that Dignitas received for theirs, considering their spot came with a highly successful team and coach.


  • Gambit were such a great LoL team going back to when they were Moscow 5. Even last season they had arguably the best player in the West, even though he did get banned for toxicity or some nonsense. Real shame they are going to be gone.

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